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      New Artists Added to the DIRTBAG UNDERGROUND Playlist

      New Artists Added to the DIRTBAG UNDERGROUND Playlist

      The Dirtbag Underground is a playlist of DIRTBAG Endorsed Artists from around the WORLD. These tracks are carefully selected by Dirtbag staff for your listening pleasure. Follow the Underground!


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      New Tracks Include:

      I AM TROUBLE - Break Me

      EFFING AND BLINDING - Everyday

      VOXX - Underdog

      DEAF ANGEL - Jaded

      THE KEY OF F - Need You Now

      MOBDAY - Hopeless

      VEER - Astronaut


      SHE MIGHT BE A BEAST - Art Class

      Listen to WAKE ME UP by RECKLESS GIANTS on Spotify - Dirtbag Clothing

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      MICHIGAN METAL FEST schedule released

      MICHIGAN METAL FEST schedule released

      The official schedule of events for MICHIGAN METAL FEST 2023, sponsored by DIRTBAG Clothing has just dropped!


      MICHIGAN METAL FEST 2023 Schedule - DIRTBAG Clothing

      Prepare your ears for an onslaught of brutal riffs, thundering drums, and guttural vocals, as the annual Michigan Metal Fest descends upon Battle Creek this summer. This year, fans of the heavy music scene have an exciting reason to rejoice – DIRTBAG Clothing is proudly sponsoring the main stage at the festival on August 19. The lineup promises an explosive mix of established and emerging metal acts, including DIRTBAG-endorsed artists Mick Blankenship, BlackOut, and Casket Robbery. Additionally, metal masterminds Born of Osiris and Upon a Burning Body will grace the stage, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all metalheads in attendance.

      DIRTBAG Clothing: A Perfect Fit for the Metal Community:

      With its edgy aesthetic and rebellious spirit, DIRTBAG Clothing has long been an integral part of the metal scene. Established in 1996, the brand quickly became synonymous with metal, rock, and alternative cultures. DIRTBAG embodies the unapologetic and unyielding attitude that metal fans hold dear. From the iconic logos to our extensive lineup of lifestyle merchandise, DIRTBAG celebrates the unique essence of the metal community.

      DIRTBAG-Endorsed Artists Set to Unleash Chaos:

      Michigan Metal Fest 2023 will showcase the talents of three remarkable DIRTBAG-endorsed artists, each bringing their own distinctive sound and style to the stage.

      1. Mick Blankenship: Hailing from Huntington, West Virginia, Mick Blankenship combines razor-sharp guitar work with powerful vocals. His music resonates with the raw emotions that define the metal genre, capturing the essence of personal struggles and triumphs. Mick's fusion of classic metal influences and modern aggression guarantees an electrifying performance.

      2. BlackOut: Born and bred in the heart of Michigan, BlackOut has been making waves in the metal scene with their hard-hitting music and energetic live shows. Blending elements of metalcore and thrash, their unrelenting sound leaves audiences craving more. Expect bone-crushing breakdowns, fierce melodies, and a stage presence that will leave you in awe.

      3. Casket Robbery: Hailing from Madison, Wisconsin, Casket Robbery brings a dose of groove-laden death metal to the Michigan Metal Fest. Their intense, punishing sound combines face-melting guitar riffs, thunderous drums, and guttural vocals that will send chills down your spine. Prepare for a sonic assault that will leave you breathless.

      Metal Titans Born of Osiris and Upon a Burning Body:

      In addition to the DIRTBAG-endorsed artists, Michigan Metal Fest 2023 will feature two powerhouse acts that have carved their names into the annals of modern metal.

      1. Born of Osiris: Known for their technical precision and melodic prowess, Born of Osiris will grace the main stage, unleashing their unique blend of progressive deathcore. With soaring guitar solos, blistering drum fills, and intricate song structures, their performance is certain to captivate metal enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

      2. Upon a Burning Body: Prepare for a whirlwind of aggression as Upon a Burning Body takes the stage. Hailing from San Antonio, Texas, this metalcore juggernaut delivers a ferocious assault of bone-crushing breakdowns, blistering guitar work, and venomous vocals. Their live performances are a spectacle that must be witnessed to be fully appreciated.

      Michigan Metal Fest 2023 is shaping up to be an unmissable event for metal enthusiasts and fans of the genre's diverse subgenres. Thanks to the support of DIRTBAG Clothing, the festival's main stage will be adorned with the raw energy and passion that both the brand and the metal community embody. From DIRTBAG-endorsed artists Mick Blankenship, BlackOut, and Casket Robbery to the heavyweight acts Born of Osiris and Upon a Burning Body, metalheads in Battle Creek, Michigan, are in for a night of relentless headbanging, moshing, and musical euphoria. Get ready to experience the raw power and unrelenting spirit of metal at its finest!

      Ticket Packages start at $50 and can be purchased on the Michigan Metal Fest Website...

      Michigan Metal Fest 202 Tickets - DIRTBAG Clothing
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      CORNERS OF SANCTUARY sign with SODEH Records

      CORNERS OF SANCTUARY sign with SODEH Records

      Traditional Philly Metal headbangers Corners of Sanctuary (COS) have announced their recent signing with SODEH Records.

      Their new deal with SODEH Records includes select tracks from the COS catalog being reissued and a new cover song EP, "Taking Cover," available digitally on August 15th.

      "We are excited about partnering with SODEH Records" said COS guitarist and founder Mick Michaels. “We are hitting the ground running with the label and plan to have new music out sooner than later."

      Taking Cover will contain previously-released cover songs including Rock of Ages, Bringing on the Heartbreak and Breaking the Law. The digital EP will also include two new cover tracks, The Osmonds' Crazy Horses, and Warrant's Inside Out.

      "It was a lot of fun working on these covers....definitely a learning experience“ said Michaels."But our thing is original Heavy Metal....so we are going to be getting back to business moving forward."

      Between shows, the band is currently in the studio working on an all new, original EP titled Metal Up which is slated to release later this fall.

      COS has also announced the addition of new bass player David St. John to the band's lineup.

      "DSJ has come out swinging. The energy he's bringing is not only inspirational, it is contagious...definitely a welcomed addition" Michaels said.

      Since the band’s UK tour this past April, Corners of Sanctuary continues to add dates for the remainder of 2023:

      August 4th - Sonarfest 2023
      Halftime Sports Bar - Newark, DE
      Presented by Awenasa Entertainment

      September 9th - Jabber Jaws w/ Illusions of Grandeur
      Allentown, PA
      Presented by Eville Empire LIVE

      September 23rd - Halftime Sports Bar w/ Sponge
      Newark, DE
      Presented by Vertigo Entertainment

      September 30th - Metal to the Max Night
      The Rusty Nail
      Ardmore, PA

      October 21st - Kaycee Ray's w/ Denim and Leather
      Vineland, NJ

      November 4th - Halftime Sports Bar w/Denim and Leather
      Newark, DE

      November 11th - Veterans Suicide Awareness Metalfest
      Bar XIII - Wilmington, DE
      Presented by Ironhead Entertainment


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      Stream the new album from VEER -- [Soft Machines]

      Stream the new album from VEER -- [Soft Machines]

      VEER has just released their second album, Soft Machines.

      FROM THE BAND: As a band, we pushed this second album in a different direction than the first. It's sonically more mature, with layered melodies and more intricate and nuanced chord structures. It's arguably a concept album, running a thematic balance between the organic nature of humankind and the dreamlike, fanciful notions of transcending beyond that humanity--a literal "BLAST OFF!" from the human race. We refer to this record as our space album. The title, Soft Machines, which comes from a line in our song "Red Tide," is just another phrase for people. We're all just soft, fleshy machines, toiling about on this pale blue dot. -Ronald Malfi


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      Catching Up With COAL CHAMBER

      Catching Up With COAL CHAMBER

      DIRTBAG JOHN: I had the good fortune to hang out with COAL CHAMBER as they gathered for their final pre-tour tech rehearsal... their bassist, Nadja Peulen has been a fellow DIRTBAG for many years, but it's been a while since we last met up.. Walking in, she gave me the biggest smile, "OMG" and hug. AWESOME! Meeting Meegs and Mikey was a trip as they are always 200%-- even in rehearsals...
      some old school shots of NADJA...
      NADJA PEULEN - Coal Chamber - DIRTBAG Clothing
      I can't thank the band and the entire crew enough for their hospitality. Before we knew it, the whole day flew by as we got an up close and personal show.. Mikey hits the drums so hard that I'm still picking splinters from my shorts... Huge shout out to Smitty from Scorpion Percussion for the invite. Mikey is a Scorpion Percussion artist, and the way Mikey pounds those drums shows the quality and durability of their sticks.
      It was a great day for DIRTBAG, and when you see COAL CHAMBER on tour and you're wearing DIRTBAG CLOTHING you'll get the nod from the band for sure!



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