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      Dirtbag John reached out to Jason from Dirtbag endorsed podcast Wheeling Wine and Whiskey to get an update on KOH2021.  

      DBJ:  Current status of King of the Hammers 2021? 
      Jason:  It is happening!!  Buckle up Buttercups!!!!
      DBJ: for the new fish some tips for going to KOH2021? 
      - Rent a camper if you don’t have one.  One word WIND!!
       - Bring googles and and good neck gator
       - Bring lots of liquid I.E BEER
       - Go to the Shootout Monday night.
       - Walk through the pits and talk with drivers and crew
       - Watch the UTV’s go down Backdoor on Wednesday
       - Go to Chocolate Thunder any night to watch the shit show
       - Go to Backdoor on Thursday night to watch the SHIT SHOW
       - Walk by all of the racers lined up in Hammer Town before the EMC Race Friday
       - Walk by all of the 4400 cars lined up in Hammer Town before the Ultra 4 Race on Saturday
      To get more information for sure check out the

      Wheeling Wine And Whiskey podcast.

      Dirtbag Clothing responds to Street Artist SABO calling California Governor a “DIRTBAG”…

      Dirtbag Clothing responds to Street Artist SABO calling California Governor a “DIRTBAG”…

      Sabo just a quick note to say a “DIRTBAG” is a positive word.   My inbox blew up with alerts that you called our Gov. a “DIRTBAG” and not in a positive way… At Dirtbag Clothing we say being a Dirtbag is a badge of honor.  Dirtbags follow their passion and do what makes them happy in life and most of all Dirtbags are GOOD HUMANS!  I would call you a Dirtbag with utmost respect.  Your art is provocative, we assume you do it because it drives you and make you lust for life.   We don’t see many Politicians living this lifestyle, so they are NOT DIRTBAGs.   

      Dirtbag Clothing is here to push people to do what drives them, do what makes them feel ALIVE and most of all inspire humanity.  

      DIRTBAG - WEAR IT ’TIL IT STINKS   because if you do what you love you don’t care about laundry… ;-)  

      Link to Story

      Snacks At Midnight, New Indie Rock, and Indie GoGos

      Snacks At Midnight, New Indie Rock, and Indie GoGos

      Spokane Indie rockers Snacks At Midnight have finished their debut album titled "Mom's Proud"; set to release this December. They are on the tail end of an Indie GoGo campaign and are looking for your support!

      Formed in 2016 by three friends, Giovani Covarrubias, Rory Babin, and Nickolaus Harner, busking all over the streets of downtown Spokane. The band expanded to five members in 2019 with the addition of drummer, Gary Stivers, and Rory's little brother, keyboardist, William Babin. 

      The new songs masterfully demonstrate the band’s range. Displaying elements of funk, rock, classical, jazz, and lo-fi into a smile-inducing, head-bobbing, get-the-song-stuck-in-your-head ten song album. Snacks At Midnight subscribe to no rules in any genre. They create exciting songs to make you dance and sing along.

      Listen to the new single "WESTWARD BOUND" on Spotify and other outlets.

      Donate to the Indie GoGo Campaign!