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DAY SHEET BLOG — malcolm springer

INCOGNITO THEORY's hard-hitting new single - [American Rebel]

INCOGNITO THEORY's hard-hitting  new single - [American Rebel]

DIRTBAG Endorsed Artists INCOGNITO THEORY have just signed with CURTAIN CALL RECORDS for their first label release -- American Rebel.



INCOGNITO THEORY - American Rebel - DIRTBAG Clothing

American Rebel
 was produced by award-winning, multi-platinum producer, MALCOLM SPRINGER (Matchbox 20, Collective Soul, Anita Baker, Skynyrd, Fear Factory, Scotty Austin). 


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INCOGNITO THEORY releases new song and video - RIDE ON

INCOGNITO THEORY releases new song and video - RIDE ON

Happy New Year from INCOGNITO THEORY...

Big news! The new single - Ride On is out now, streaming worldwide. Ride On is a collaboration track featuring members of SIXTY MILES DOWN ... and it's awesome! It was even featured in DECIBEL MAGAZINE.

Incognito Theory featured in DECIBEL MAGAZINE - DIRTBAG CLOTHING

Mike Butchar, Incognito Theory's new guitarist kicks ass .. The boys are going to Nashville in April to record their next single - American Rebel with award-winning multi-platinum producer Malcolm Springer .. thanks to their dear friend Scotty Austin of ex-SAVING ABEL. They will then come back and direct support Scotty Austin May 11th at Debonair Hall in Teaneck, New Jersey.

Here is the mastered track - Ride On - Music video out now:


May 11th Debonair Hall direct supporting Scotty Austin of ex-Saving Abel

DIRTBAG Clothing - Incognito Theory with Scotty Austin formerly of Saving Abel


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