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Dead Animal Assembly Plant embarks on the Hellfire Tour

Dead Animal Assembly Plant embarks on the Hellfire Tour

The brutal butchers of DEAD ANIMAL ASSEMBLY PLANT have just set off on a MEGA tour across nine different US states. The "Hellfire Tour" kicked off Friday, September 14th in DAAP's hometown of Portland, Oregon. One of the final stops of the tour, and arguably the most notable will be their performance at the world famous WASTELAND WEEKEND- a five-day post-apocalyptic Mad Max style full-immersion festival, where the slaughterhouse crew will fit in like a knife.


September 14th: Star Theater - Portland, OR

September 15th: Cruiser's - Post Falls, ID

September 16th: Zebra Cocktail Lounge - Bozeman, MT

September 18th: Liquid - Boise, ID

September 19th: Liquid Joe's - Salt Lake City, UT

September 20th: Dive Bar - Las Vegas, NV

September 21st: Starlite - Phoenix, AZ

September 23rd: House of Bards - Tucson, AZ

September 24th: Leo's Upstairs Bar - Albuquerque, NM

September 25th: Rockhouse Bar & Grill - El Paso, TX

September 26th: Studio 18 - Farmington, NM

September 28th: WASTELAND WEEKEND - California City, CA

September 29th: Jub Jub's - Reno, NV

Dead Animal Assembly Plant - Album Review - Old Fashion Hellfire

Dead Animal Assembly Plant - Album Review - Old Fashion Hellfire

Dead Animal Assembly Plant I am so intrigued, that if I were a cat, I would probably be on that assembly line- dead from curiosity. The hook in the opening song and title track Old Fashion Hellfire was opposite of what my brain expected to hear. This was a much-needed relief, because like momma always used to say, too much of the same crap makes for a dull soup. Ask any modern pop artist in the world. This Portland-based 5-piece is a balls-deep industrial metal band of butchers. Compromised of Z Wager, The Professional, Guitar Demon, Buzzard, and The Prophet, this crew is prepared to slice and dice you like a warm dish of sweetbreads. The song Rise With Me has a beautiful marching and anthem-like opening riff at 0:21. It is a beautiful piece of bloody pig snout ready to be served to the masses. Its driving guitars, sonically glued together with the fat bass guitar, deliver a well-balanced performance, sharing the stage with some percussive and ambient synths as well as soulful drums. This is their single, and I am stoked to hear more. A little further down the assembly line comes a song titled Be The Decay. To my used and abused ear holes, Be The Decay has a similar tonality and mix as Rise With Me. This feeling leads me to believe that maybe the same human mixed these two songs. This of course was after one of the butchers told me that two humans had their filthy little engineering hands on it. The song Six Feet Lower gave me the throw back low and slow Marilyn Manson feeling- something out of the “Smells Like Children” record. Dead Animal Assembly Plant has now officially taken me back to my first rock and metal records in the early 90s. Definitely bonus points there. I love the effort that was put in to this record from a musical standpoint as well as the ability to take the listener on a journey aspect- well done in that regard. What I truly feel it lacks, and most importantly of all, is a great mix. I would like to see the time and effort that Dead Animal Assembly Plant put into this full length LP get put into an EP of some sort. Imagine the LP effort and energy put into 4 songs. I’d like to see the band really dig in to the process of recording; perhaps some more organic instrument experimentation. But I digress- every independent artist is recording on a budget so I won’t dig in too much. I completely, personally understand that struggle. When you buy “Old Fashion Hellfire, you aren’t just getting some songs written by a band you’ve never heard of. You are getting a new and intriguing experience. I would recommend this record to those that listen to Rammstein, Marilyn Manson, or a more industrial Rob Zombie. I hope to the dead animal gods that this band puts out this much creativity and energy in their live show. I wish I could go see these guys once a month. I would. Purchase the record “Old Fashion Hellfire