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      DAY SHEET BLOG — Lyrizone

      New Artists Added to the DIRTBAG UNDERGROUND Playlist!

      New Artists Added to the DIRTBAG UNDERGROUND Playlist!

      The Dirtbag Underground is a playlist of DIRTBAG Endorsed Artists from around the WORLD. These tracks are carefully selected by Dirtbag staff for your listening pleasure. Follow the Underground!


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      New Tracks Include:

      EFFING AND BLINDING - Everyday

      WHY BOTHER - We Once Were

      EVERFELT - Ascend

      BOOTLEG MERCY - Shadows

      TEN TO ONE - Ante Up

      EVIL SHADOWS - Light It Up

      DREAMS IN PERIL - Ascending

      SALEM'S CHILDE - Plowed

      BASSASSIN - Padre Gang, SLAYER

      HOME FOR THE DAY - Muscadine


      Listen to WAKE ME UP by RECKLESS GIANTS on Spotify - Dirtbag Clothing
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      New single from LYRIZONE -- [23 KNIVES]

      New single from LYRIZONE -- [23 KNIVES]

      LYRIZONE has released the new single -- [23 KNIVES]


      From the artist:

      This song is a unique approach to numetal in all ways. From its instrumentation dating back to ancient Greece and Rome to the artwork style and hidden symbolism.. It's an anthem that embodies capturing what you feel belongs to you and laying waste to your opposition.

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      LYRIZONE lyric video out now - HEIR

      LYRIZONE lyric video out now - HEIR

      The artist is LYRIZONE and the song is called HEIR--- a single off the upcoming album Cigalia. The genre is nu-metal, but with a distinctive and different approach, as it involves a take on historical fiction and fully immersing the audience in a theatrical way... which makes it something truly unique within the Pacific Northwest metal and hip hop scene.

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