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      DAY SHEET BLOG — frank palangi

      New Music Video from FRANK PALANGI -- FALL FROM GRACE

      New Music Video from FRANK PALANGI -- FALL FROM GRACE

      Long-Time DIRTBAG, FRANK PALANGI has released a new music video for his single-- FALL FROM GRACE.

      There's an aggressive edge to Frank Palangi's latest music video stemming from the feeling of your at the lowest point where time is running out, the wheels are burning up and your ready to just stop or give up. We all have our scars but how do rise again and restart when we Fall From Grace.

      Directed/Produced/Written/DP/Edited - Frank Palangi

      Assistant DP - Aaron Lambert


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      FRANK PALANGI makes America proud.

      FRANK PALANGI makes America proud.

      Dirtbag Endorsed Artist FRANK PALANGI just went America all over everybody's ass at the Albany Times Union Center Arena. Playing for a packed house before the Siena Saints took on the Saint Peter's Peacocks (and won!), Frank ripped the Star Spangled Banner on his 6 string shred machine. Check out the video below!