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      DAY SHEET BLOG — Metalcore

      Traverse The Abyss - 2nd Place Superstar

      Traverse The Abyss - 2nd Place Superstar

      Longtime Dirtbags in Traverse The Abyss from Scranton, Pennsylvania have released a new music video for their metalcore song 2nd Place Superstar.

      Upcoming Tour Dates:

      8.16.19 - Cherry Street Station - Wallingford, CT

      8.17.19 - Kohlfest (Reverb) - Reading, PA

      8.30.19 - Buzzbin Art & Music Gallery - Canton, OH

      8.31.19 - Dirtbag Venue The Looney Bin - Bradley, IL

      9.01.19 - The Ruin - Fort Wayne, IN