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      Snacks At Midnight? Yes, Please

      Snacks At Midnight? Yes, Please

      The band name is as unique and ridiculous as the way I titled this post. I personally love snacks at midnight. My waistline doesn't, and in the Navy, we referred to the midnight snack as "Midrats or Midnight Rations". Which is basically just the leftovers the galley had from the day prior. Sometimes, it was perfect before or after your watch and sometimes it was Special K and whack. So, I like to think of myself as a connoisseur of the midnight snack. Between the military career and now touring musician, eating snacks late has become a function of my life. 

      Snacks at Midnight isn't leftover bang bang beef or Special K. They also happen to be a talented group of young gentlemen from Spokane, WA who thought it to be a perfect band name. I have to agree. I also am a bit biased, because the weirder the band name the better in my humble and august opinion. One time, QUOR was playing a show in Nara, Japan at Live House Neverland and we got to share the stage with a band called FROGS. Great band! Of course FROGS and every other band that night was amazing not to mention the other 30 Japanese bands we had shared stages with on the 2019 QUOR Returns to Nippon tour. Snacks at Midnight.


      Regardless if you're into Metal, Deathcore, Math Rock, Djent, or whatever weird sonics you enjoy bouncing off of your tympanic membranes, one must appreciate good musicianship and skill when it occurs. Especially, if one truly refers to themselves as an artist. Band names, foreign tours, house parties or pandemic live streams, when you can play, you can play and nothing else matters. 

      Snacks at Midnight plays indie rock with a touch of blues, soul, a pinch of jazz and some stuff you just may have not heard of yet. Yeah, I said it. They have a great range stylistically when it comes to song composition. Instrumentally a 5-piece including lots of stand up bass and keys. Who doesn't like all of that blended with some solid drums, a melodic guitar and some skillfully placed vocals? I do. I don't care what genre it is. I just want to hear the story of that artist through their music. Blood and guts on the fuckin' dance floor. Slain open like a 12-point buck in Washington State. 

      These young men are on to something awesome. Whatever it is, it's theirs; if they can keep it. If they can all make music their life, together, through life, the ups, the downs, fat, thin, busy and bored. College, families, girlfriends, jobs and all the other great things life has to offer. For is it good music that makes life, or life that makes good music? The balance of the tide from life to music is what sails great ships and also can destroy them like the Kraken. 

      Check this band out, give them a follow on Spotify and Facebook. Maybe share a couple of songs around and do your part to make this world and music business a little bit better. Support each other.

      I'd like to highlight the song "Westward Bound". A bit gritty and heavier for Snacks At Midnight but has a great vibe, dark, bluesy, and groovy. Just like I it. They have some other softer material that would make mom proud. Oh, did I say that's the name of the record they just released? Mom's Proud is a 10 song snack pack of some homemade songs by homemade sons who want to show the world their craft and have some fun.

      Speaking of Snacks at Midnight, it's 11:06pm... I got 54 minutes. Stoked.

      Enjoy and don't forget to support each other or Santa ain't bringing you shit.



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      TRX CYMBALS joins the Dirtbag T.S.E. program

      TRX CYMBALS joins the Dirtbag T.S.E. program

      TRX (Young Turks) Cymbals is now a member of the DIRTBAG family. The Dirtbag T.S.E. Program connects our Endorsed Artists with industry-leading companies to provide them with the gear they use the most-- at a discount. Companies who participate in this program (InTune Guitar Picks, Aquarian Drumheads, Music Nomad, Scorpion Percussion, EMG Pickups, and more...) understand what we do, and share our common credo - WE ALL RISE UP TOGETHER.. everybody wins!

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