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      DAY SHEET BLOG — Dirtbag Daysheet

      WE RISE TO FALL's new single -- [Broken Me]

      WE RISE TO FALL's new single -- [Broken Me]

      North Carolina DIRTBAG Endorsed Artists WE RISE TO FALL have released their new single -- Broken Me.



      Broken Me was mixed and mastered by Grammy-nominated producer, Jamie King (Between The Buried and Me). Jamie also played drums on the track.

      Broken Me is streaming on all platforms.

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      DIRTBAG Memorial Day SALE -- In Honor of Those Who Have Served...

      DIRTBAG Memorial Day SALE -- In Honor of Those Who Have Served...

      As a special MEGA THANKS to our Veterans and active-duty US Military, we are running a MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND SALE.

      CIVILIANS can use promo code: MEMORIAL at checkout to receive 15% off...

      MILITARY MEMBERS (past/present) can DM us or send an email to band@dirtbagclothing.com for 25% off...


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      New single from LYRIZONE -- [23 KNIVES]

      New single from LYRIZONE -- [23 KNIVES]

      LYRIZONE has released the new single -- [23 KNIVES]


      From the artist:

      This song is a unique approach to numetal in all ways. From its instrumentation dating back to ancient Greece and Rome to the artwork style and hidden symbolism.. It's an anthem that embodies capturing what you feel belongs to you and laying waste to your opposition.

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      Stream HOME FOR THE DAY's new single -- [Muscadine]

      Stream HOME FOR THE DAY's new single -- [Muscadine]

      Pop-Punk giants HOME FOR THE DAY have just released their new single-- [Muscadine] ...


      Established in 2014, Home For The Day is a pop punk/hard rock band with members spanning from Taylorsville to Winston-Salem NC. HFTD blends the influential sounds of bands such as Fall Out Boy, Set Your Goals, A Day To Remember, Breaking Benjamin and more to create a unique and always different catalog of music to listen to. Known for their upbeat stage presence and use of beach balls/inflatables, Home For The Day is sure to bring a good time to any show!

      In September of 2019, HFTD combined their passions for throwing a good house show and giving back to the community. House Shows for Hope has since became a staple for local artists of all genres to come play. They've raised money for people in the community, as well as partnered with Toys for Tots and local non profits. Starting in October of 2020, amidst a quiet time for the music scene, HFTD brought House Shows for Hope back in the form of live streams on Twitch with the help of Top Heavy Productions. These shows now happen a couple times each month, with HFTD only popping in for the quarter finales. 

      HFTD released their independent debut album in February of 2019. A year later, released the Reconstructed EP with Hobo Wolfman Records. 

      HFTD has shared the stage with SHIM, Madame Mayhem, Keep Flying, and Goalkeeper to name a few. They've also won a showdown on The Rise Guys' Brutally Honest Music Review.

      Their Sophomore album Changes was released independently on May 13th, 2022.

      Home For The Day Is : 

      Peter Ippolito: Vocals
      Thomas Taylor: Guitar / Vocals
      Nick Andruzzi: Guitar / Vocals
      Bryan Blakely: Bass
      Christian Whittington : Drums

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      DIRTBAG History: Dirtbag John’s epic night at the Fillmore with Tom Petty

      DIRTBAG History: Dirtbag John’s epic night at the Fillmore with Tom Petty

      It was late 1997... Dirtbag Clothing is a only a few years old, being run out of our 5 story walk up apartment in San Francisco. I was still doing freelance video work and one of my clients was Univision Channel 14 Spanish language news. While doing a story, I met a fellow news cameraman, Dennis Callaghan from the CBS station. He liked my hustle getting shots of a huge flood that closed down the freeway-- from that day, we stayed in touch. That's what freelancers did; we NETWORKED!!

      A few weeks later, Dennis called me saying, "HEY! ...you want to assist me in taking photos of the Tom Petty gig at the Fillmore? At the time, Tom was the hardest ticket to get in the world…. it was THE concert event of the time, and the buzz was deafening. So before he could finish, I said I'll be there 4 hours early…

      I arrive lugging 3 or 4 bags of gear, stoked to be working with a photographer that shot the all the major bands of the 70’s , 80’s and 90’s… I had an all access pass, but never left Dennis as I was there to WORK…. I was watching the gear while Dennis goes to chat with Tom (Petty)... Then, Dennis comes back to say we’re NOT going to shoot the show tonight as Tom was “not feeling it”…. so we’re going to drink… OH BOY!

      We got a drink at the bar.. Then, while Tom was on stage Dennis suggested we get our next round not from the bar, but from the band's room backstage. For those who might not know, backstage at the Fillmore is super small and there was an even smaller area just outside where you can see the stage… So, I’m drinking the band's beer at the hottest ticket in town… I’m in heaven…

      Someone set off some pepper spray in the venue or something, causing the band to take a break… Me, freaking out as I’m drinking Tom Petty's beer in HIS backstage area that is so small the band could barely fit…so I made the decision to head down the stairs, and to not intrude…. Well-- those stairs led RIGHT to the stage that Tom was leaving, so I literally bump right into him in the stairwell  ...I just ran into rock in roll royalty

      SUCH AN EPIC NIGHT.. and a few days later, Dennis tells me to pop over to his place and hands me a signed poster from that night… I have it on my office wall to this day!!! Now they have released a compilation from all those shows that just bring back such epic memories!! The Fillmore has great stories in the history of DIRTBAG…. I’ll tell another story soon.



      Tom Petty - Live at the FIllmore - DIRTBAG Clothing
      TOM PETTY - DIRTBAG Clothing



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