Catching Up With COAL CHAMBER

Catching Up With COAL CHAMBER
DIRTBAG JOHN: I had the good fortune to hang out with COAL CHAMBER as they gathered for their final pre-tour tech rehearsal... their bassist, Nadja Peulen has been a fellow DIRTBAG for many years, but it's been a while since we last met up.. Walking in, she gave me the biggest smile, "OMG" and hug. AWESOME! Meeting Meegs and Mikey was a trip as they are always 200%-- even in rehearsals...
some old school shots of NADJA...
NADJA PEULEN - Coal Chamber - DIRTBAG Clothing
I can't thank the band and the entire crew enough for their hospitality. Before we knew it, the whole day flew by as we got an up close and personal show.. Mikey hits the drums so hard that I'm still picking splinters from my shorts... Huge shout out to Smitty from Scorpion Percussion for the invite. Mikey is a Scorpion Percussion artist, and the way Mikey pounds those drums shows the quality and durability of their sticks.
It was a great day for DIRTBAG, and when you see COAL CHAMBER on tour and you're wearing DIRTBAG CLOTHING you'll get the nod from the band for sure!



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