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DAY SHEET BLOG — Dirtbag Podcast

WHEELING WINE AND WHISKEY celebrates their 200th episode

Wheeling WIne and Whiskey Podcast - DIRTBAG Clothing

The WHEELING WINE AND WHISKEY podcast reeled in a huge guest for this epic 200th episode. It’s a true milestone in the podcast’s history and one for the record books. IAN JOHNSON-- host of many different television and youtube shows about offroading and fabrication, joins the boys on the show. Ian trekked up to Upper Hammertown Heights to visit the WWW camp and partake in a selection of fine whiskeys and bourbons while recording.

Great conversation with numerous rabbit trails that resulted in great stories and KOH insider knowledge bombs. The time flew by and we felt like a bunch of old friends after a short while. You don’t want to miss this incredible visit with Ian. So, grab your favorite beverage and hang on tight! Cheers!!!



Wheeling Wine and Whiskey epiosde 200 with IAN JOHNSON - DIRTBAG Clothing


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Dirtbag Block of Rock (Age of Fire)

Dirtbag Block of Rock (Age of Fire)

Rogalsky (The Foundry) talks with Greg from Age of Fire about their new music being released, guitar playing, and clogging, whatever the hell that is.


Formed in South Florida in 1988 by Greg Brown, Jeff Osias and joined later on bass with Clint Jacoby. Disbanded in 1991 but revived by Greg Brown in 2018 with 2 releases, a 30th Anniversary release and an all CD called "Obsidian Dreams"

Get a quick listen on the Block of Rock and check out the "Judgement Day" lyric video. 


The Liquid Conversations w/ Dirtbag Shawn Sixx Feat: Roger Earl (FOGHAT)

The Liquid Conversations w/ Dirtbag Shawn Sixx Feat: Roger Earl (FOGHAT)

Shawn Sixx sits down with Roger Earl of FOGHAT... listen below: