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      DAY SHEET BLOG — music nomad

      TRX CYMBALS joins the Dirtbag T.S.E. program

      TRX CYMBALS joins the Dirtbag T.S.E. program

      TRX (Young Turks) Cymbals is now a member of the DIRTBAG family. The Dirtbag T.S.E. Program connects our Endorsed Artists with industry-leading companies to provide them with the gear they use the most-- at a discount. Companies who participate in this program (InTune Guitar Picks, Aquarian Drumheads, Music Nomad, Scorpion Percussion, EMG Pickups, and more...) understand what we do, and share our common credo - WE ALL RISE UP TOGETHER.. everybody wins!

      Dirtbag Endorsed Artists can check out special pricing on TRX Cymbals in our BACKSTAGE area.


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