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      DAY SHEET BLOG — Category_Block of Rocks

      Brit rockers 'Two of Substance' to headline Liverpool's Cavern Club

      Brit rockers 'Two of Substance' to headline Liverpool's Cavern Club

      The U.K. has bred some of the world's most elite musical talent.. from the Beatles and Stones to Zeppelin, the Who, Sex Pistols, The Clash, and beyond - Something about world domination must go hand in hand with making kick ass tunes. Recently, I spoke with Dirtbag Endorsed Artists, 'Two of Substance' - a U.K. band with a new take on the classic tradition that is British rock and roll. G - Hello, and greetings from across the pond!! I recently got the chance to check out your new tracks on Spotify: ‘Feel a Sound’ and ‘I’m Getting By’ .. which make up in full, the little two-song snack which you recently released. Well done. You have dropped a couple of these little snacks recently- tell us about the thought process behind releasing music in two’s. 2OS - We have always believed in the idea of letting people become acquainted with some of our songs before we release them all together in a full length album. That way, the LP will be welcomed with both arms because people will trust what is already on it. There's nothing worse than a Band releasing an album which is full of songs that haven't already been promoted as Singles because it dilutes the audience's attention. We have our eyes and ears on both ends of the spectrum. G - How did you choose these two tracks to join together for this release? 2OS - For "Feel a Sound / I'm Getting By" specifically it was just a case of trial & error. We've released Singles with B-Sides, so we thought it would be kinda cool to experiment by releasing a Double A-Side Single. It's worked pretty well so far so we're made up with the results! G - Can we expect any more two-song snack packs from you this year? 2OS - Having released 4 Singles from our upcoming album, two B-Sides and a special VEVO release - I think we are more than satisfied with what is up for grabs now until album release day. We are stupidly excited for that! G - Somebody told us you have a pretty big show coming up.. and you’re the headliner? 2OS - Yes! Quite literally a dream come true because we are headlining The World Famous Cavern Club in Liverpool, birthplace of The Beatles and home to other legendary bands that have performed there. To even play there is an honour, but to be told we are headlining was like Christmas coming early! Wednesday 20th September at 7pm is when the doors open and we're gonna be playing songs off our album and throwing in a couple of covers as well, so we are bouncing off the walls for this! G - What can people see at a 2OS show that they might not get anywhere else? 2OS - Three people that have a truck load of passion and just want to have a good time. We all have a very unique sense of humour and sometimes that can slip out on stage if we are enjoying ourselves too much, but other than that, the major thing that sets us apart from other bands is our songs... because nobody else performs our songs. G - What is the weirdest thing that has ever happened at a 2OS show? 2OS - Oh God... well a few things spring to mind, but one we will say for now is when we were signing autographs after our set one time and this guy asked us to sign both his nipples and his belly button - which we did, because we are decent fellas after all.

      Decent fellas they are! Keep an eye out on The Cavern Club Website to purchase tickets for the September 20th show, and be sure to follow Two of Substance!

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      Dirtbag Block of Rock [Another Lost Year] Full Interview

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      Anchored - Dirtbag Block of Rock

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      Scarlet Canary: Setting the Example

      Scarlet Canary: Setting the Example In this industry, working together is the only way to survive. In order for that to happen, two people or groups of people need to unify and align with a common goal; easier said than done. In a time when hard work is taboo and ego powers are an industry, we always hear about “those artists”. You know, the bands that “take themselves seriously” and “work hard”. Then you have the artists that literally sacrifice their own time, comfort, and selves to be in this industry. Have you met Scarlet Canary? To prove my point, I would like to take you to a show at the Bancroft on a cool San Diego fall evening in Spring Valley, CA. The Blondetourage tour was in town with Scarlet Canary and City of the Weak. After enjoying a warm Budweiser with The Beast next to Maggie Mounds, I learned again of what sacrifice, unity, and teamwork is really all about. Due to tour vehicle troubles back in the Midwest, tour mates City of the Weak had to pull the plug. They called to Scarlet Canary and divulged the bad news. “We took their phone call very serious” said Hannah. “We pulled over and discussed what to do in the van for nearly an hour”, she added. Scarlet Canary collectively decided to turn around and go get City of the Weak; 7 hours in the opposite direction. They downsized and shared equipment, they very intimately shared space in an extremely cramped minivan, and found how hard it was to be cost effective with sharing hotel rooms and finding places to stay because they had now doubled their pack. Both startup bands, City of the Weak and Scarlet Canary, put on a solid show considering the environment they chose to put themselves through. It seemed like both bands were in good spirits and seemingly having a great time translating to a fun environment for heavy music lovers. “This is probably the most fun tour I’ve been on”, stated Rolltide before the show. It showed in Scarlet Canary’s performance and personalities. Scarlet Canary displays leadership in an industry that lacks it. They set the bar for what it takes to be in this business and the sacrifice that comes with it. Scarlet Canary represents all that is good in rock 'n roll musicians. I am proud they are a Dirtbag band and urge you all to check them out at a live show or on social media, itunes, and Spotify.