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      DAY SHEET BLOG — lzzy hale

      SINSATION release new single/video -- [I Am Man]

      SINSATION release new single/video -- [I Am Man]

      DIRTBAG Endorsed Artists SINSATION have released their new single and music video -- I Am Man (via SODEH Records). Directed by Sado Rabaudi.


      Sinsation are a vampiric metal band like no other. These gothic madmen met playing in different bands at the Zombie Prom in 2019 and rapidly came to realize that the dark spirits of the universe wanted them to work together. They quickly assembled a stellar lineup out of the creative primordial ooze of the local scene and crafted a sound that reflected the influence of their sonic heroes ranging from classics like Motorhead and Slayer to rock gods like Joan Jett by way of modern masters Avatar and Halestorm. This rapidly developed into a style that was wholly their own. Sinsation quickly saw success, playing the legendary Viper Room in Hollywood and winning the Metal Meeting in Arizona. At the same time they started to release singles with videos, even through the madness of the coronavirus pandemic. This slew of successes lead to endorsements by Solar Guitars, Felton Guitars, InTune Guitar Picks War-Core Pick Ups, and Shroeder Cabs. It also earned them a deal with TerrorCrew Productions and Artillery Music Group AMG who seek to help the band grow through their next few steps towards vampiric ascension. This is all happening as the band continue to get heavier and lean into crafting pulverizing and face melting good times. With big things on the horizon and a legion of triumphs in the rearview mirror, none will be able to slow the mighty Sinsation. All that’s left to do is join their undead horde and watch as these thrashers take on the globe!

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      VOX AMPLIFICATION has featured long-time DIRTBAG Endorsed Artist ALEXX CALISE in their "Women Who Rock VOX" series on YouTube. In this well-made artist highlight, get to know Alexx, and what makes her musical passion tick.


      From VOX:

      The unapologetically herself rock guitarist, Alexx Calise, of BATFARM joins us in celebrating #WomensHistoryMonth. Growing up in a family of musicians, from violinists to luthiers, meant that Calise was no stranger to the greats of the industry! Inspired to start playing music from listening to her father's epic renditions of ""Michelle"" by the Beatles, & The James Bond theme song, Alexx felt music in her blood & bones and by age 11 she picked up the guitar and ran with it. During the late 80s & early 90s, the grunge era emerged & became one of the biggest genres to impact the world of music. From Soundgarden to The Toadies, the raw edginess of the genre stood out & Alexx couldn't get enough!

      Aside from Joan Jett & Nancy Wilson, Alexx wished there were more female musicians she could have looked up to growing up, however, today, Alexx is thrilled to see the increased number of female artists dominating the industry such as Lizzy Hale, & Tash Sultana as well as Laura B. Whitmore, a veteran marketer of the musical instrument and audio industries & founder of The Women's International Music Network! Alexx is an ambitiously raw singer/guitar player who saw being a female rocker as something different in a good way, and as an up-and-coming musician, used it to her advantage! She didn't let anyone get in the way of her true passion & career goals. Bottom line, there are no excuses, just absolutely bring it & be you!

      Originally a fan of Fender, Alexx had picked up a Gibson guitar and fell in love. For an amp, the VOX AC30 became her go-to for its natural distortion as a stand-alone amp as well as the tremolo for the sound it gives on recordings you can't find in any other amp!

      We are very excited to see what 2023 has in store for Alexx Calise as well as her band Batfarm, who is releasing a new single called ""3”

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