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      DAY SHEET BLOG — youtube

      Faucet Mouth - A Heavy Track With Heavy Stacks [Traverse The Abyss]

      Faucet Mouth - A Heavy Track With Heavy Stacks [Traverse The Abyss]

      Long time Dirtbags in Traverse the Abyss have created a heavy little snack track about fat stacks and big racks. From Scranton, PA (yes, the same place as Dunder Mifflin) Traverse The Abyss traverses the heavy riffs and brings a fun and creative video to the market of heavy music lovers.

      "We worked with Novro Studios to record the song, who also helped us with the video. We all had a lot of fun doing the shoots, dressing up in the different outfits & being ridiculous. We hope that you all enjoy it as much as we did making it. It is just the start of new music coming your way!" said Eric Abyss (Vocals / Frontman)

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      GRAYS DIVIDE release new video [Faceless Savior]

      GRAYS DIVIDE release new video [Faceless Savior]

      GRAYS DIVIDE has released a music video for their new single Faceless Savior.


      Filmed by Dark Souls Studio
      Edited by Adam Lidy
      Recorded at Drift Loud Audio

      GRAYS DIVIDE is a metal band hailing from Central Illinois. Focused on creating music that is genuine and uncompromising, combining musical elements of sheer brutality and heavy groove, the band has been carving a path of destruction since 2013, establishing themselves as a hard-working, determined metal band that takes great pride in their craft, earning a solid fan-base and playing many shows. Since their conception, GRAYS DIVIDE has landed opening slots with national acts including Shadows Fall, DevilDriver, Soulfly, Whitechapel, Straight Line Stitch, Wednesday 13, Carnifex, Byzantine among others.

      On July 29th, GRAYS DIVIDE released their debut EP entitled "The Absolution of Time" which can be found on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, and Bandcamp. The band continues to focus on writing new material while playing as many shows as possible. Being more driven and focused than ever, there is no intention of slowing down for GRAYS DIVIDE and their onslaught of musical carnage.

      EdgeOverEdge premiers new video [Long Time Comin]

      EdgeOverEdge premiers new video [Long Time Comin]

      Debuting along with the release of their debut album on Sliptrick Records, EdgeOverEdge delivers a funky, high energy tune about hard work finally paying off and enjoying the spoils that go with it.
      Produced and Directed by long time (pun intended) collaborators, Stillpoint Visions, the video is just EdgeOverEdge doing what they do, Rocking!
      Special thanks to Sliptrick Records, Dirtbag Clothing, Spectraflex Cables, WB Gear.Shoutout to our family, friends, fans & Line6 and Pabst Blue Ribbon!
      Shot in Independence, KS at CMND CNTR Studios.

      EdgeOverEdge is:
      Mat Austin: Vocals, Guitar
      Zachary Lyon: Drums, Vocals
      Quentin Austin: Bass, Vocals

      “Long Time Comin’” (Official Lyric/Music Video)


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      STARK releases saucy new music video [TEMPT]

      STARK releases saucy new music video [TEMPT]

      If you were TEMPTed to click on this link because of the photo.. you'll love the new video (below) from freshman DIRTBAG Endorsed Artists STARK.

      The top comment on the video says it best:

      This album blew my mind, wonderful music! The vocals are splendid, guitars are heavy and there's some technical work to be noted, its not over produced, you guys have some skill. Honestly this song is my least favorite on the album, but that's not because I don't like it, the other songs are just even better. I would not have guessed this was a debut album, even from musicians who have been a part of other works. claps

      YouTube User Black Out

      Check out the rest of the album on SPOTIFY


      Drudge releases music video for "Cosmic Goddess" - Album due September 21

      Drudge releases music video for "Cosmic Goddess" - Album due September 21

      DRUDGE has released a trippy awesome new video for their new album's title track, "COSMIC GODDESS" set to release everywhere September 21, 2018.
      Drudge are a 4-piece stoner rock band bringing dirty big riffs from the harsh North West of the UK. Formed in 2016 they have been relentlessly gigging and writing new material, playing to larger and further audiences. Drudge are recognised and held in high regard on the stoner/doom circuit as one of the main up and coming UK band's to watch.
      Drudge have continued to expand their fan base who know to expect their signature doom/groove style. The unique twin vocal layered approach pays homage to the likes of Alice in Chains however the soul of this band lies in the Sabbath-esque riff worshipping. Drudge take influence from the likes of Orange Goblin, Monster Magnet, Pantera and Kyuss.
      Drudge have just returned from Bloodstock festival playing with the likes of Judas Priest, Gojira, Nightwish and Devildriver and are readying to release their upcoming EP 'Cosmic Goddess on the 21st of September on all major platforms before returning to the live circuit with heavy metal legends Diamond Head.