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      DAY SHEET BLOG — tallah

      Dirtbags get WET at Michigan Metalfest!

      Dirtbags get WET at Michigan Metalfest!


      Last Saturday, DIRTBAGS from all over the U.S. came together under the cold, rainy sky for the wettest, muddiest Michigan Metalfest to date. Don Jamieson (Comedian, That Metal Show) joined us for the day, hopped on stage to introduce BACKLASH (DIRTBAG song contest winners) on the DIRTBAG Stage, and also did a short comedy set on the main stage while the crowd waited to watch TALLAH.

      Before the weather went to hell.

      Early in the day, long-time DIRTBAG Artists THE CONVALESCENCE brutalized the stage, throwing bloody hearts, and shooting water rifles into the (already wet) crowd. BACKLASH ripped out an epic 2-part set, which was interrupted by a lightning delay.. but we got a rockin’ on-stage interview of them while we waited for the sky to clear (STAY TUNED).

      Due to a series of unfortunate events, the DIRTBAG Stage was shut down mid-day, and our Endorsed Artists, REDEFIND and CASKET ROBBERY were unfortunately unable to perform.

      DIRTBAGS showed out in FULL-FORCE at Michigan Metalfest this year. Festival metalheads showed their true grit and love of the genre, as they spun and flipped their soaking wet hair in the cold-pouring rain.. all. day. long.

      Shawn Sixx - DIRTBAG

      BACKLASH - DIRTBAG X Michigan Metalfest Song Contest Winners

      BACKLASH - Dirtbag Clothing

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      Dirtbag Endorsed Artists "NATAS LIVED" announce tour with A Killer's Confession

      Dirtbag Endorsed Artists "NATAS LIVED" announce tour with A Killer's Confession

      "NATAS LIVED" (satan devil backwards), the epic nu-metal phenomenon from Salt Lake City has announced an October, 2018 tour with A Killer's Confession, Tallah (Mike Portnoy's son Max), and New Fiction. Check out the tour dates here: 9/9/18: Fort Worth TX- The Rail Club 9/10/18: Tyler TX- Nine Muses 9/11/18: Cape Girardeau MO- The River 9/12/18: Pekin, IL- Twisted Spoke Saloon 9/13/18: New York City, NY- The Bitter End (Natas Lived Only) 9/14/18: Agawam, MA- The Tank 9/15/18: Rochester, NY- Montage 9/16/18: Reading, PA- Reverb