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      DAY SHEET BLOG — streaming

      New artists added to the Dirtbag Underground!

      New artists added to the Dirtbag Underground!


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      New Tracks Include:

      FAITH IN FAILURE: Vampire


      SINFUL WAYS: Apologies

      INCOGNITO THEORY: Whiskey Fueled

      QUOR: December

      DAYS TO COME: Ashes

      MR5TORM BEATZ: Nu Disco


      BATFARM gets 'darkedelic' with new EP [In The Belfry]

      BATFARM gets 'darkedelic' with new EP [In The Belfry]

      DIRTBAG Endorsed Artists BATFARM released a new EP today, showcasing a new sound which the band describes as 'DARKEDELIC'. The EP features the previously released single 'Now That You're Gone'

      BATFARM frontlady, ALEXX CALISE said in an interview with Bass Musician Magazine:

      “This EP couldn’t be more real or true to life. We were actually going through all of these emotions and experiences that we’re singing about during its production. These were real heartbreaks, real struggles, real moments that we experienced as artists. We put everything we had into this EP—all our time, all our resources, every bit of ourselves; all because we believed in the music so much and were willing to do anything to make it happen. It’s dripping with raw emotion and truth.”

      The new EP “In the Belfry” is available at batfarmband.com, and everywhere music is streamed.