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      Stream SELFLESS 6-Song EP

      Stream SELFLESS 6-Song EP

      SELFLESS (DeKalb, IL) are streaming their 6-song EP in all the usual places!



      Starting in 2008, Jay, Tony and Kip first got together to lay the groundwork for what would become Selfless. After playing a couple shows and writing some catchy songs, fate decided it wasn’t the right time for the project. Each guy went their separate ways playing in numerous bands and continuing to make their presence felt in the Illinois music scene. Then in 2017 while jamming together, Tony and Dave had the opportunity to strengthen the band they were currently in by bringing Jay in on guitar and Kip on drums to round out the lineup. After numerous shows with national acts, including playing the popular Cadot Rockfest Tony, Kip, Dave and Jay got the itch stylistically to change musical direction and fire up Selfless once again. On the strength of a hard hitting 6 song EP and some positive press, Selfless plans on hitting 2022 full force while continuing to write and record more music for a full length release.

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