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THE KEY OF F new single -- [Need You Now]

THE KEY OF F new single -- [Need You Now]

On July 10th, the world experienced the electrifying release of the latest single from DIRTBAG Endorsed Artists, THE KEY OF F -- Need You Now. This smoky rock anthem tells a captivating tale of a girl who decides to take matters into her own hands when love's clock ticks too slowly. This talented rock band has been captivating audiences with their signature sound and emotionally charged lyrics for years. Combining elements of rock, blues, and soul, The Key of F has a unique ability to touch listeners deeply, making them a force in the scene.

So, turn up the volume... let the music wash over you, and get ready to be moved by The Key of F's exceptional new single -- Need You Now.


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BOOTLEG MERCY release new single-- [Shadow]

BOOTLEG MERCY release new single-- [Shadow]

BOOTLEG MERCY has released their new single -- Shadow.

Rock ballads are the perfect way to convey emotions through music, and if you're a fan of songs that pack an emotional punch, you'll want to check BOOTLEG MERCY's new song "Shadow." This song has all the hallmarks of a great rock ballad-- from its energetic and aggressive verses to its sad and introspective chorus.. but what really sets "Shadow" apart is its emotional honesty. This is a song about recognizing that a romance is dying, and it doesn't shy away from the pain and regret that come with that realization. The raw emotion in the vocals and the band’s musicianship combine to create a moving and impactful listening experience.



Recorded at Red Cat Recording - Peck, KS
Engineer - Luke Wallace
Genre: Hard Rock
Written and Performed by Bootleg Mercy

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Dirtbag Block of Rock [The Kaleidoscope Kid]

Dirtbag Block of Rock [The Kaleidoscope Kid]

Dirtbag Rogalsky got a chance to catch up with The Kaleidoscope Kid after a run in at the Happens Radio Convention in Las Vegas, NV earlier this year.


The Kaleidoscope Kid is a Phoenix, Arizona native that grew up on skateboarding, visual art, and outdoor escapism. The diversity of his activities and surroundings translated into a varied love for music, bringing about a sonic landscape in his work that echoes his passions and interests.

Although a true newcomer to the music scene, Kaleidoscope’s discography leaps and bounds between spaces, leaning on his charisma to bring the listener along for the ride. A fan of an extensive catalog of inspirations that span from Beck, Pink Floyd, to Bob Marley and Sublime— his work is a reflection of intentionality and passion for the craft. Taking pieces of his life and translating them into his sound has helped Kaleidoscope create an ethereal world that’s equal parts relatable and entrancing.

Kaleidoscope’s voice is sure to resonate with many and inspire a new trajectory of music-making that breaks the customary rules of genre. Thankfully, as we all know, there are some rules that are begging to be broken.

Kaleidoscope recently signed to indie powerhouse label Suburban Noize Records and is working alongside the label to create his debut album, developing and fine-tuning his musicianship for his broadened audience. This positive new chapter in his career brings Kaleidoscope into the deeper pools of the music scene, which is sure to expand his discography as well as his fan base.

His first single under his new label deal with Suburban Noize was “Hold Up”, which continues to gain momentum with his edgy vocals and idiosyncratic flows. The song now has surpassed one million streams on Spotify, as more and more fans are converted by The Kaleidoscope Kid’s genre-blending artistry. The music video for the song plays like a cinematic homage to Breaking Bad, with the singer wrestling with a bad trip and burying himself — or his former self — in a shallow desert grave.






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Stream DROWN AGAIN's latest album --- [EMERGE]

Stream DROWN AGAIN's latest album --- [EMERGE]

Drown Again's new album "Emerge" took the fans by storm

Emerge, consisting of ten heartfelt songs full of genuine passion, has reached out to the world and will be marked as an exceptional work of Drown Again.

Emerge into the world of music as Drown Again sets the bar high with the life-altering album "Emerge," featuring Frank Blair on guitars, Erik Lundquist on bass, and Jason Blessing on drums.

Consisting of ten masterpiece tracks produced by award-winning producer and vocalist Rob Mancini, "Emerge" is sure to please fans as it sounds like: Theory of a Deadman, Goo Goo Dolls, Daughtry, and Lifehouse with its hardcore underpinnings, lush orchestrations, and driving melodies.

Rob Mancini is a modern rock vocalist and producer with a diverse and extensive catalogue of works. With a strong background in classic rock, Rob has also gained a reputation as a modern rock producer that understands how to mould the sonic elements of a track into a commercially viable song.

Streaming on all major platforms, Emerge is full of beautiful melodies and strong grooves, with soaring vocal harmonies and thought-provoking lyrics. Drown Agains’ sound has evolved into a true cross-genre album that showcases their song writing flexibility and musicianship.

Drown Again has created a unique sound that defines the Alternative Rock genre thanks to its mix of heavy riffs, cutting-edge production and tight harmonies. Their musical attitude has been in steady progression since its foundation in early 2021, which ultimately led them to their current high. Drown Again's innovative blend of modern and alternative rock defines their charismatic groove across the world.

When asked about the success, band members shared, “Setting the bar high during a time where the music industry has changed so drastically, we find ourselves at a point in space that allows us to continue doing what we love most, sharing music. Emerge is a collection of tracks that will stick with you long after the first listen, thanks to the melodic lines' ferocity and the intense emotion infused into every note.”

Get hands-on with an exclusive stream of this magnificent new album!


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