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      DAY SHEET BLOG — punk rock

      RECKLESS GIANTS release new single - WAKE ME UP

      RECKLESS GIANTS release new single - WAKE ME UP

      DIRTBAG Endorsed artists, RECKLESS GIANTS just released their seventh studio single --- WAKE ME UP. Available on all major streaming platforms. 


      Reckless Giants- DIRTBAG Clothing
      From the band--- Our 7th single “Wake Me Up” is released TODAY, March 10th. This song is a much more polished and tighter version of Reckless Giants. The song is loosely written as a sort of love song. It’s about wanting to find that someone that makes real life feel like a dream and being terrified of losing that. It’s the second single where both Jeremy and John have individual vocal sections. we are super stoked to share this release with the world!

      Listen to WAKE ME UP by RECKLESS GIANTS on Spotify - Dirtbag Clothing
      Listen to WAKE ME UP by RECKLESS GIANTS on Apple Music - Dirtbag Clothing

      Reckless Giants is a 3 piece alternative pop-punk band hailing from North Central Florida.

      "A thoughtful, heart-on-sleeve and thouroughly engaging brand of alternative rock/pop-punk, nodding to what sounds like a dexterous array of influences from across alternative. It's gritty and relatable, driving rock which interplays smartly with the melodic delivery"
      - Carry The 4 PR

      Jeremy (lead vocals/guitar) has been on the front lines of the local music scene for over 15 years while John (vocals/bass) has been in it for 13 years and Coty (drums) has just shy of 10 years under his belt. With the experience they bring to their live shows, you will be hard pressed to find a tighter, more energetic and exciting live show from a local level or even major level trio. 

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      WHEN THE SUN SETS release new EP - YOU + ME 4 NEVER

      WHEN THE SUN SETS release new EP - YOU + ME 4 NEVER

      DIRTBAG Endorsed Artists WHEN THE SUN SETS have just released their new 5-song EP - YOU + ME 4 NEVER on March 10, 2023.


      When The Sun Sets bridges the gap between modern and classic pop punk. With influence from bands like A Day To Remember, Four Year Strong, and Real Friends, the Chicago-based band uses strong and relatable lyrics paired with driving riffs to bring the fun back into the genre . Whether you want a sing along, emotional bridge, or breakdown, When The Sun Sets is the band that has you covered on all bases.
      The band signed with Lost Music Collective, owned by founder of Fueled by Ramen, Vinnie Fiorello, in 2019 bringing new energy to the roster after writing their heart-stealing acoustic ballad “February”. Their debut EP “Transparent” was released on the label in May of 2020 and gave the group a solid fan-base to start with. The band is currently working on their first full-length record and are gearing up to self-release it in 2023. The record will feature artists such as: The Home Team, 408, Finding September, + Bluprint to showcase some talented friends in the scene 🔥 The singles from their next EP "You + Me 4 Never", releasing 03/10/23, have turned over 200,000 streams on Spotify alone.

      Current Lineup:

      Zack Baumgartner - Vocals

      Matthew Kleinman - Lead Guitar

      Rob Hlavka - Bass Guitar

      When The Sun Sets has played alongside major national and international artists such as: Bearings, The Home Team, 408, Morning In May, Sleep On It, Every Avenue, Carousel Kings, Knockout Kid, Makeout, Story Untold, amongst many others and are ready to bring the energy on the road. With their eyes on the prize, this band isn’t going anywhere but up. Take a few minutes, get to know us, and remember that you aren’t alone.
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      Dirtbag rocker FRANK PALANGI to play Woodstock 50th anniversary

      Dirtbag rocker FRANK PALANGI to play Woodstock 50th anniversary

      ROAD TO WOODSTOCK - Dirtbag Endorsed Artist FRANK PALANGI- Upstate NY rock recording artist has recently landed the opportunity to travel to Kansas to perform as a main act on Aug 16th 2019 at the upcoming iconic 50th Woodstock Music Festival -- sharing the stage with worldwide acts including Jefferson Starship, Dave Evans from AC/DC and more! Frank has been continuously pursuing his dream of making music for a living for several years now. "No Plan B" as he states. You may have caught him playing opening for national artists such as 3 Doors Down and Aaron Lewis or festivals including RockNDerby and Uproar or in a local bar or at a community outdoor event. Palangi wanted to become a career musician and singer-songwriter since he was a teenager, and began on this path by releasing his debut self-titled EP in 2011. Influenced by bands from the 80's (Metallica, Ozzy, Def Leppard, Megadeth), 90's (Creed, Godsmack, 3 Doors Down), 2000's (Daughtry, Three Days Grace, Shinedown), he fuses rock n' roll with a post-grunge sound to sculpt his positive, clean musical motifs. Grounded from a solid support system from his upbringing while his motivations are centralized around positivity and not the temptations of a stereotypical rockstar lifestyle. From an early childhood he learned to adapt to his chronic medical illness that impacted his decisions in his everyday life, turning it all around as a force to bring his dreams into reality saying "I have no Plan B backing down on my dreams." Frank is the recipient of an LA Music Award nomination, three Akademia Music Awards, an Unsigned Only Semi-Finalist Award, WIGWAM Online Radio Best Male Artist Award as well as a local Best Acoustic Solo Artist in the region with the Post Star/Chronicle and Metroland Magazine. - Booking now for opening slots, acoustic gigs, events, fundraisers, recording work, voice overs:


      FRANK PALANGI on iTunes

      FRANK PALANGI on Amazon

      FRANK PALANGI on Spotify

      Dirtbag Endorsed Artists “13 Nails” head out on “Dealer’s Choice” tour

      Dirtbag Endorsed Artists “13 Nails” head out on “Dealer’s Choice” tour

      Dirtbag spook-rock band “13 Nails” will embark on a mini-tour next week, playing five different shows in five different states. The Colorado band just re-released their signature whiskey collab with local distillery, “Feisty Spirits”, and is set to release a lyric video for their new track, “Voodoo M***erF***er” on Halloween night.

      Check out the dates and Facebook events below, to catch a wild show:

      October 17, 2018: Colorado Springs, CO- The Gold Room October 18, 2018: Albuquerque, NM- Red Velvet Underground October 19, 2018: Abernathy, TX- Outlaw Hideout October 20, 2018: Wichita, KS- Rock Island Live

      kaPOW! Dirtbag Endorsed Artists Create a Comic Book

      kaPOW! Dirtbag Endorsed Artists Create a Comic Book

      We can all agree that 2017 is a strange time to be alive. A time wrought with scandal and tragedy on what seems to be a daily basis. While we all carry different perspectives and ideas about the past, present and future, Dirtbag Endorsed Artists, SUBURBAN VERMIN have given an artistic take on our modern day of weird. "TV HEAD NATION" is the name of their first ever comic book series, and it is being released alongside some new music from the band, as well as some other goodies and add-ins. I had a chat with the band about the series.

      So, you’ve created your own comic book series, and that automatically makes you cooler than 80% of all bands. Well done! Was any one of you responsible for the idea to create a comic series, or was it a whole-band concept?
      The basic concept stems from a poster we had commissioned from artist Nathan Blu a number of years ago with the band depicted as super heroes. For our last record 'Headless Over Heels', we did a horror anthology comic with different artists for each song. For 'TV Head Nation' we we wanted to serialize the comic story as well as the music to match how music is consumed currently. There have been many contributions to the basic concept by the entire band and management, but the concept and stories were conceived and written by bassist/vocalist Jason Vermin. There also was some additional writing by Dan Rafter who has worked on the Gearz series.
      What is the series all about?
      Before the election last year when we started planning the comic series, there was a lot of fear about what the world would look like if the unthinkable happened. 'TV Head Nation' in a lot of ways is a reflection of a worst case scenario. There are some parallels that can be drawn to current events, but through a science fiction filter.
      The series itself follows our hero Ramona trying to find her wife who has been abducted by an alien warlord and his empire. There are the band characters who help her out, but for the most part, it's Ramona who is the driving force behind the comic. You get the sense the more you read how evil can spread and how that effects the different characters and the world they live in.
      How many books will be in the series, and what does the release schedule look like?
      There are technically three comics in this series, with Issue #1 being double length. The first half of issue one was initially released for free comic book day as Issue #0, but they ran out so quickly, we didn't want anyone to pick up Issue # 1 and not have the full story as well as miss out on the songs that were included with that release. Issue # 2 will be released October 20th 2017. Issue # 3, we're hoping December, but at the latest January.
      In addition to “TV Head Nation,” we are releasing “Zombie Bloody Zombie,” a Suburban Vermin short story that takes place before the events of “TV Head Nation.” That'll be out October 28th 2017 for Halloween ComicFest.
      Who is the mastermind behind these awesome illustrations?
      The illustrations are by Amy Fay, an artist out of the UK. She's been amazing to work with and instrumental to the success that we've experienced with “TV Head Nation.” She will be working with us on the next set of comics.
      Have you considered shopping it around, or maybe bringing it out to Comic-Con next year?
      There are pros and cons to having an imprint or company try and help or take over the Suburban Vermin comics. It's a lot like trying to find a record deal. You want to maintain creative control and not to have art decided by committee. The comics already have been a big boost to the music and we've gotten such a warm reaction. We're still relatively inexperienced in the comic world, but already we're getting some modest success doing things unconventionally.
      As for comic conventions, we actually are stating to get into that scene. We're making our con debut October 21-22nd at the Central City Comic Con in Yakima, WA. They already have some great guests and are really enthusiastic with working with us.
      Next year, we're going to be doing more conventions and balancing that schedule with our regular show schedule and with releases that we're planning for potentially this time next year. We're actively planning to expand our comic universe so right now we feel that conventions will become a big pillar in how we do things as a band.
      And where can we buy this thing?!
      If you're in the Northwest you can buy the first issue from Comic Hut in Renton, WA. You can buy digital copies of the comics for your tablets along with mp3s from our website. We're trying to workout a web solution for selling the physical copies online, but due to the nature of the project, we'd like to ensure that they reach people in good condition which can drive up the price for shipping with comics.
      Another thing that all you Dirtbags can do out there is let your local conventions know that you want us there. We're really keen on getting on the road, playing for all of you and getting you our comics as our comic universe expands. We're really into contributing to the comic/geek culture instead of just using the comics as a gimmick for promoting the music. We also have trading cards that contain music, paper craft figures, board games, etc.
      We're all nerds, for me this is combining pretty much everything I'm nerdy for into the band. It's all different ways to compliment the music.
      Thanks for all the support!!

      Download/Buy the Comics Here!!!

      Suburban Vermin on Spotify

      Suburban Vermin on Facebook

      Suburban Vermin on Twitter

      Suburban Vermin on Instagram