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      DAY SHEET BLOG — new music

      Stream the new single from THE QUARANTINED [Shadow]

      Stream the new single from THE QUARANTINED [Shadow]

      THE QUARANTINED has released a new single from their upcoming EP, Aversion to Normalcy. You can hear it for free, or purchase on their bandcamp.


      BLUE MIDNIGHT to headline Viper Room show

      BLUE MIDNIGHT to headline Viper Room show


      Warm-Up Performance at the Viper Room Ignites their Debut at Aftershock Festival.

      Los Angeles, CA: Justine Glaser, BLUE MIDNIGHT’s electrifying front woman, is warming up her vocal chords in at Hollywood’s Viper Room this October 9th, 2019; as she prepares to share the stage with the Rock Gods that inspired her Metal journey at the world-renowned AFTERSHOCK FESTIVAL on October 11-13th, in Sacramento, California.

      BLUE MIDNIGHT’s self-proclaimed genre of Dream Metal exploded onto the Los Angeles metal circuit two years ago with the unique sound of classical symphony orchestra combined with grungy 90’s rock. Behind the music is Justine Glaser, a skillful singer/songwriter with every bit of motivation to climb the metal mountain for her message to be heard.

      Glaser says of her work:

      “To me, music is about self-expression and resolving whatever you need to resolve in life. I think the best kind of music is raw, honest, and well thought out, that’s what I try to do with Blue Midnight. I make music that speaks to me, and I make music that tells my personal truth and experiences.”

      BLUE MIDNIGHT will serve fans a dose of Dream Metal Medicine in this intimate Viper Room performance not to be missed before busting through the seams of the AFTERSHOCK FESTIVAL all-star line-up, including TOOL and KORN, whom they will share the stage with on Sunday, October 13th .

      BLUE MIDNIGHT has the scent of a world tour coming soon and there is no telling when shows at the Viper Room will be traded for amphitheater’s across the Europe skyline.

      BLUE MIDNIGHT’s debut AFTERSHOCK show promises to be eccentric, lively and unforgettable - masterfully weaving violin, electric violin and electric drums together alongside the traditional four-piece band configuration, promising a marathon of musical interludes without traditional song breaks.

      Witness BLUE MIDNIGHT live at Hollywood’s legendary Viper Room on October 9th, 2019; before their debut performance at AFTERSHOCK FESTIVAL on Sunday, October 13th, 2019 at 12:25pm.


      Follow BLUE MIDNIGHT now at and stay tuned for shows to follow!

      Sponsors of the Blue Midnight show at the Viper Room include Rock N Roll Industries Magazine and Dirtbag Clothing.

      “Blue Midnight is a hard rock group complete with outstanding vocals, two guitars, a great rhythm section and even a violin. Think Evanescence meets Iron Maiden with the violin adding another dimension of mostly rhythms to all of the songs. The opening tune, “Acid Rain,” brings out the band’s true colors as they sit nicely atop the hard rock/metal genre. Dueling guitars, a la Judas Priest, take turns on solos, harmonizing and keeping
      the rhythm tight and intact. The bass neatly complicates the beats, while Justine puts icing on the cake with delicious vocals.”

      - Pierce Brochetti, Music Connection

      Justine Glaser (Composer/Vocals)
      Matt Hormbeck (Guitars)
      Todd McCool (Rhythm Guitar)
      Mike Hill (Bass)
      Edgar Sandoval (Violin)
      David Allen (Drums)


      BATFARM gets 'darkedelic' with new EP [In The Belfry]

      BATFARM gets 'darkedelic' with new EP [In The Belfry]

      DIRTBAG Endorsed Artists BATFARM released a new EP today, showcasing a new sound which the band describes as 'DARKEDELIC'. The EP features the previously released single 'Now That You're Gone'

      BATFARM frontlady, ALEXX CALISE said in an interview with Bass Musician Magazine:

      “This EP couldn’t be more real or true to life. We were actually going through all of these emotions and experiences that we’re singing about during its production. These were real heartbreaks, real struggles, real moments that we experienced as artists. We put everything we had into this EP—all our time, all our resources, every bit of ourselves; all because we believed in the music so much and were willing to do anything to make it happen. It’s dripping with raw emotion and truth.”

      The new EP “In the Belfry” is available at, and everywhere music is streamed.

      GRAYS DIVIDE release new video [Faceless Savior]

      GRAYS DIVIDE release new video [Faceless Savior]

      GRAYS DIVIDE has released a music video for their new single Faceless Savior.

      Filmed by Dark Souls Studio
      Edited by Adam Lidy
      Recorded at Drift Loud Audio

      GRAYS DIVIDE is a metal band hailing from Central Illinois. Focused on creating music that is genuine and uncompromising, combining musical elements of sheer brutality and heavy groove, the band has been carving a path of destruction since 2013, establishing themselves as a hard-working, determined metal band that takes great pride in their craft, earning a solid fan-base and playing many shows. Since their conception, GRAYS DIVIDE has landed opening slots with national acts including Shadows Fall, DevilDriver, Soulfly, Whitechapel, Straight Line Stitch, Wednesday 13, Carnifex, Byzantine among others.

      On July 29th, GRAYS DIVIDE released their debut EP entitled "The Absolution of Time" which can be found on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, and Bandcamp. The band continues to focus on writing new material while playing as many shows as possible. Being more driven and focused than ever, there is no intention of slowing down for GRAYS DIVIDE and their onslaught of musical carnage.

      New artists added to the Dirtbag Underground!

      New artists added to the Dirtbag Underground!


      (For best results, log in and click follow!)

      New Tracks Include:

      STARK: Ignite

      SPOOK: Bruja

      BAKER'S DOZEN: No Shame

      ANY GIVEN SIN: Dynamite

      THE UNRESOLVED: Poison Well