DIRTBAG Endorsed Artist joins TRIPLE A RECORDS team

DIRTBAG Endorsed Artist joins TRIPLE A RECORDS team

LINDSEY COTTINGHAM is a DIRTBAG-- active all around the music and US veteran communities, has recently been named the Northern Territory Manager for ALLGOOD ABSOLUTE ALTERNATIVE RECORDS. This label was formed by Matt Smith - lead for a band out of the U.K. by the name of Symphony of Screams. As an artist himself, Matt began to realize problems with the industry early on, therefore forming AllGood Absolute Alternative Records in New Zealand, an independent label developed to protect artists in his area from the troubling issues facing them when pursuing their careers as artists.
As the label picked up and took off, Matt decided to push forward with developing Triple A in other areas internationally as he grew his network of those who shared the same mind as him. Only those who stood out and grabbed his attention were chosen to take part in his choice to revolutionize the industry.

This label wants to lead by example to conquer the flaws in the modern music industry...

This is the Record Label for Alternative Artists in a time consumed by disposable music & entertainment. Music communicates with our souls, it’s alive and real.

Growing up with the inspirational musical influences from John Peel and Jools Holland opened our minds to the wide world of musical possibilities, and so our mission is to keep it real by finding, producing and airing ‘All Good’ Artists regardless of musical genre. Artists who express the soul and quality of Absolute Alternative musical and creative talent; a healthy stride away from the mass production ‘Autobahn’ of today’s entertainment business. We’re about honesty, passion and integrity. We hope you find the Artists we represent refreshing and entertaining, surprising and inspiring!

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