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      “We just want to help people through anything that they may be going through in their lives. When The Sun Sets was created as an escape for anyone who needs to get away from their thoughts. We want to be there for the people who feel like they have nobody.”

      — Zack, Tyler, Nolan, and Christina

      When The Sun Sets is a Pop-Punk/Alternative band based out of Pingree Grove, IL. Forming in early 2018, this energetic 4-piece has what it takes to change music forever. Strong lyrics coming only from true experiences of Vocalist and Songwriter, Zack Baumgartner, are what started this band off with a bang. Every word of their songs can be related to and every moral and belief behind them tells a different story behind the band. When The Sun Sets differs from most of the Pop-Punk scene because of their unique musical backgrounds. Their vocalist, Zack Baumgartner, comes from a background of playing and writing Singer-Songwriter/Acoustic material which is where the band gets it's deep lyrics. The band's drummer, Tyler Dombrowski, comes from an upbringing in heavy metal music, giving the band a bit of a twist on their double-bass and overall fills. The bassist of the band, Christina Queen, comes from a more classical upbringing learning piano and taking part in choir throughout her whole life. The newest edition to the band, lead guitarist, Nolan Arndt, also comes from a background of metal music, setting this band apart from any other in their genre. The biggest secret weapon that this band has to offer is their youth. With their oldest member being 19 years old and their youngest member being only 17 years old, this band is full of new ideas - ready to take on the world. Vocals, Guitar / Zack Baumgartner Drums / Tyler Dombrowski Guitar / Nolan Arndt Bass, Vocals / Christina Queen Photographers / Nataya Peacock, Victoria Lunacek

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