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      Strong, young newcomers, the TRX CYMBAL COMPANY was established in 2006 to bring the quality of traditional Turkish cymbals to modern drummers.

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      Even though TRX is a small, “boutique” cymbal company, we’re big on quality. Focusing on quality instead of quantity isn’t the fastest, easiest or least expensive way to make cymbals. But it’s never been our goal to be one of the biggest cymbal companies in the world—just one of the best.

      TRX Cymbals

      From the extra dark to extra bright ends of the tonal spectrum—and everything in between—TRX custom-crafted cymbals are available in a wide selection of types, weights, sizes and finishes to fit the widest range of styles and situations.
      •Genuine Turkish Cymbals
      •Handcrafted, Hand-Hammered
      •B20 Bronze

      TRX Special Edition Cymbals

      Premium quality at a midrange price, TRX Special Edition cymbals are recommended for players at a variety of drumming levels, interests and abilities. Available in three box set configurations as well as a selection of Rides, Crashes, Hi-Hats, Splashes, Chinas and Stackers.
      •Turkish-style Cymbals from Asia
      •Handcrafted, Hand-Hammered
      •B20 Bronze

      CRX Cymbals

      A great-sounding, affordable option, CRX Classic, Rock and Xtreme series cymbals bring the “High Contrast” tonal spectrum to younger drummers. The line includes pre-packs plus a choice of nearly 100 standard, effect and low volume models.
      •Turkish-style Cymbals from Asia
      •Handcrafted, Hand-Hammered
      •B20 Bronze*
      *Also available in Prime (B8) and Elite (Brass) models.


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