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To Begin Anew - Dirtbag Endorsed Artist

To Begin Anew was born January of 2020 when brothers Cody Boyette and Casey Wagner began writing music together which was second nature because of the brothers’ long history of being involved in music together. Cody and Casey began seeking out musicians of similar backgrounds and interests to join the inspiring band members. Cody and Casey ultimately recruited Shane Noren and Chris Vance to accompany them and form the final lineup of To Begin Anew. To Begin Anew quickly created a unique and dynamic sound for their area and began writing songs that were melodic, powerful, and full of energy. To Begin Anew writes songs that always has a message to give or an emotion to feel.

Once finalizing the lineup, To Begin Anew released two singles during the last half of 2020. “Arise” was released in July of 2020, and “Break New Ground” was released in December of 2020. Both singles were recorded at Blackplate Productions in Dunn, NC. Both singles also included official videos. Both videos were directed, filmed, and produced by JFP studios in Durham, NC.

As always, To Begin Anew wants to thank EACH AND EVERY ONE of their fans for the continued love and support.


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