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San Diego's own SONS ON FIRE has quickly become known in music industry circles and with fans around the world as a band bound and determined to make its mark among the heavy hitters of the active rock genre today. You see it all over the radio landscape as their first singles "Faded" and "Just A Man" tore up the Billboard charts for almost a full year. Amazing progress so far but that is just part of the story. Born during COVID...which obviously affected all of of the band's members also lived through and recovered from the Santana High School mass shooting years ago. It is not something that the band talks about much, but is a perfect example of a group of men that know how to survive, fight, drive to an end result and in turn succeed no matter what adversity stands in their way.

SOF now explodes out of lockdown to bring you a national tour to support their debut EP "Faded" this October as well as feature a slew of brand new songs set to be recorded and released in early 2022. This band is always moving, driving and pushing hard rock boundaries in order to bring the FANS what they long have deserved....carefully crafted, amazing heart-pounding music and a live show that is second to none. All designed to blow you away and leave you craving for what's next. Well...truth be told....The NEXT is here and now from SONS ON FIRE...."The Hard Rock Band that Could".

Sons On Fire - Fall 2021 Tour Schedule - Dirtbag Clothing
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