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New Alternative Band Snacks At Midnight Posing for a band photo

Snacks at Midnight is an up-and-coming indie-rock band from Spokane, Washington with a diversified sound and a ton of energy. The band uses elements from multiple genres creating powerful robust songs filled with energy, groove, and thought-provoking lyrics.

Starting in 2016 by three friends, Giovani Covarrubias, Rory Babin, and Nickolaus Harner, busking all over the streets of downtown Spokane. The band expanded to five members in 2019 with the addition of drummer, Gary Stivers, and Rory's little brother, keyboardist, William Babin. From that moment, they began turning heads with their musicianship, stage presence, and songwriting chops, prompting audience members to describe their sound as, “Very chill music that anyone can get down with”, “Fun and refreshing music” and “Goosebump-inducing”.

 In summer 2020, Snacks at Midnight went recorded their debut record titled "Mom's Proud". They began releasing singles in November of 2020, and are releasing the entire album in December. The songs off the album masterfully demonstrate the band’s range as they display elements of funk, rock, classical, jazz, and lo-fi into a smile-inducing, head-bobbing, get-the-song-stuck-in-your-head, ten song album. Snacks at Midnight subscribes to no rules in any genre. They create exciting songs to make you dance and sing along.

Listen to the new single "WESTWARD BOUND" on Spotify and other outlets.


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