Scream At The Sky

Dirtbag Endorsed Artist - SCREAM AT THE SKY

Established in 2018, Houston based hard rock act SCREAM AT THE SKY blends elements of hard rock, heavy metal, Hip hop and industrial to create a hook laden behemoth and one of Houston’s most exciting grass roots bands. Playing their first show in 2020 they started tearing up the streets one venue at a time creating a positivity and high energy rock and roll show!

Scream at the sky is a 4-man machine of hard-working individuals from across the USA traveling the world to create music for the misfits and misunderstood, letting them know the battles they face they aren't alone!!!

SCREAM AT THE SKY is the brainchild of Dead Horse Trauma bassist Brian Carter, known for his relentless touring and indie sensibilities along with. Bringing forth Brian’s already legendary showmanship, SCREAM AT THE SKY presents deeply personal lyrics and a positive message wrapped neatly with high energy music and a live performance to match.

Being a complete DIY band, they have branded their product in multiple states and countries with old school tactics of good ole Rubber Sole Foot Patrol and creative work ethic …. but honest work ethic and always having a smile creates a good time and fun atmosphere for a in your face personal show experience!

Already endorsed by Spector, Ernie Ball, True Tone, Scorpion Percussion, Dirtbag Clothing, InTune GP and Mesa, SCREAM AT THE SKY is a shining example of independent DIY work ethic guided by the experience of a seasoned touring veteran who regularly works with the likes of many of the industry’s seasoned professionals.