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      From Nick Huffman:
      Dirtbag Clothing currently endorses nearly a thousand original touring bands/artists, as they have since 1996. In the 90's, Pantera was definitely my favorite band, well into the 2000's, which is when I first became aware of them, thanks to Dime, who wore the shit out of their gear and now guys I have tons of respect for like Don Jamieson and one of my favorites in radio Shawn Sixx as well as a lot of the bands who play here, both regional and national.

      Sometime last year, I got a call from Dirtbag Smitty, to see my thoughts of The Looney Bin becoming the first ever Official Venue of Dirtbag Clothing, which was quite an honor, make no mistake about it, just to be included the conversation and considered.

      If there's one thing that I am not and the Bin is not, it's corporate. So, for us to be willing to drop a huge logo on our dance floor and front of building (when weather warms up), it's definitely something that I feel strongly about, not just because I wear their gear… Which I do. That reason is that Dirtbag Clothing sees the big picture in this industry, which, is that, yes. There are a lot of bad guys in it. We all know that. But, there are also a lot of good guys who do right by each other and help each other when the others fall, which is one of the things we've all preached as well as practiced here over the last nine years. Those are the kind of people who I like to associate with. I don't care if you're an owner, promoter, manager, publicist, press, musician, Radio, TV, etc., we all have our little space in this big game and the reason is because we love it. If there was any other reason, we'd all be out of our minds to do this to ourselves. The guys from Dirtbag/their Network are here to make this industry better. I can get behind that.

      I couldn't have possibly been more humbled when we were approached/asked, and that feeling has not subsided at all. I couldn't be more grateful. It's still strange to me that people dig it here.

      Oh yeah… Yes! We accepted! The official venue launch party will be on June 15. Our old friend Don Jamieson (That Metal Show) will be here, along with 5 very bin familiar bands. On My Six, A Silent Truth, Quor, Gravel Switch, Punch Cabbie (This post isn't intended to be an ad. I'll drop the event in the comments)

      Huge thanks to everyone who had a part in this from day one until now. All roads led to here. No matter how big or small your part, please know that it's sincerely appreciated.

      Please note: you won't see any big changes coming because of this, aside from in merch….(another day. Ball not yet in motion, but soon… Maybe now you'll all understand why I haven't ordered more shirts?…) and bigger things!

      The artist for our floor was Jessica Carter of Art From The Heart, who I hired instead of using a decal. We did the piece over a few months and let Rock And Roll happen right on top of it, because we wanted it to look real. She nailed it…. FREEHAND!