MPR Riche Rich


MPR Riche Rich is what you would by all means call a go-getter! Money, Power, Respect Muzic Group (MPRMG) is all about empowerment and has done a great deal of giving back to the black owned business in Atlanta,

Riche Rich Grew up in a family of five on the West side of Detroit, Michigan. Rich developed a hustler's mentality early on while caring for his siblings and making sure his family was always fed. His trials have helped him evolve into a man with a humble spirit and a business mind, ready to seize everything the world has to offer him.

Rich's influence in the Urban community is well respected and his mentoring of the youth is widely known. As a father himself, Rich has a soft spot for children and strives to help them make an impact on the future.

Since the discovery of his passion for writing, Rich has been able to use his talent to open many avenues of success in realizing his dreams. Beyond music, Rich also operates a podcast, has made contributions to the art of filmmaking, is an author, editor, and producer as well as having ventures in marketing and engineering.

His discography includes: The Mailman Has Returned (2015), The Mailman: Why Would I Stop Now (2016), and The Mailman: Take Off, slated for release in 2018. He is also authoring a book titled, " Life Without The Possibility To See Daylight".

Riche's entrepreneurial accomplishments include a fleet of five branded vehicles bearing the Money Power Respect Muzic Group name, ownership of two buildings with event spaces, two recording studios as well as a CD production company, graphic design, marketing, and promoting companies, along with photography and videography.

Aside from music, Riche Rich aims to provide employment opportunities within his community. Throughout his accomplishments, his ups and downs, highs and lows, he still remains humble.


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