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      Let us work with your budget to create your next lyric video!

      get started here:

      If you are preparing to release a new album or single, dropping a sweet lyric video at or near the release date will help you in a number of ways:

      1) It’s not just content... It’s video content...
      No matter who your audience is, they love to look at screens and watch things move. It could be the only thing that gets them to listen to your song.. AND! They get to read and listen to the lyrics at the same time, thus getting a better understanding of the artists you are, and the art you create.

      2) Help your fans/listeners understand your message
      Let’s be honest- does anyone really know what the heck you’re saying in that track? Lyric videos are a great avenue for your audience to connect with your work and understand where you are coming from as an artist

      3) Drive traffic to your YouTube channel
      Use your lyric video to encourage viewers to subscribe to YouTube channel
      Use your lyric video to push viewers towards other video content you have posted on YouTube
      Give those awesome and supportive press outlets something else to promote besides a written interview

      4) Boost your SEO
      Posting your lyric video to YouTube, and including the lyrics in the description and closed captions is a great way to put your song higher in search results

      Dirtbag offers different levels of professionally produced lyric videos, taking into account your creativity, message, and style. We have a quick turn around time and won’t break the bank.