Jumpscare is an alternative metal band based in Naples (Italy), founded in November 2015 by the drummer Graziano Ciccarelli with his brother Salvatore Andrea (on bass) and his longtime friends Vincenzo Mussolino (on guitar) and Lorenzo Gallo (on vocals). After only 6 months, in April 2016, the band released their first demo: "Three Marks Of Dreams”, and in June 2016 the band signed with the label B-SIDE Music. "Three Marks Of Dreams" was classified bestseller for Amazon Music Italy in October 2016. The band also started a collaboration with the electronic composer BORMANUS (founder of Betulla Records) and with the neo-folk composer T.Southgate (HERR,Seelenlicht,Von Thronstahl, Death in June and many others) for the split EP called "Chthonic Dreams”. In early 2017, Jumpscare began work on their debut EP - “Sowing Storms”. That summer, the band joined the roster of Volcano Records and Promotion for the release. Jumpscare played all across Italy during 2016/17 and had the opportunity to open for bands and artists like Dreamshade, Edu Falaschi (Angra, Almah), Giacomo Voli (Rhapsody Of Fire), DGM, Acid Muffin, Witchwood, Secret Sphere, Arthemis, Despite Exile, Teodasia and many more. They also played underground festivals such as Volcano Rock Fest at LEGEND CLUB (Milan) and RoMetal Festival at Rock'n'roll Garden (Rome). Recently, Jumpscare has been working hard to complete their first full studio album in 2019. Check out Jumpscare on Facebook Check out Jumpscare on Instagram Check out Jumpscare on Spotify