Ironcore Resistance

Originally formed in 1968 by lead singer David Willie’s uncle Joe Paul Willie, Ironcore Resistance had a simple philosophy: to provide an outlet of musical release that they themselves, as well as their friends and families, could enjoy. In 1972 founder Joe Paul passed away in an unfortunate car accident. It was then that Ironcore Resistance was put on hiatus. Fast forward to 2009 when David Willie (current frontman) was going through old photos and found one of his uncle’s band. He knew what had to be done and reformed Ironcore Resistance to be a Hard Rock/Metal band which would not only honor his late uncle, but keep his heartfelt philosophy alive of making great music from the heart that others could enjoy. David, along with Charlie Turner and David Rushing, formed the band that is on the move today. Kevin Oakley was added to the lineup as a second guitarist and they hit the road playing every venue, bar, and dive that would allow them to play, while trying to spread the sonic mastery of the hard rock and metal pioneers before them. After a couple of years of constant touring they went into the studio to create their first full length album “Join The Resistance” in 2011 featuring 10 songs of brutal guitar riffs, heavy bass, and thunderous drums. In a huge turn of events, the vision of David’s uncle had finally come to fruition over 40 years later when guitar legend Zakk Wylde discovered the band and personally asked them to tour with Black Label Society. This propelled Ironcore Resistance to the masses and allowed the band to spread their word and music to countless individuals across the nation. Ironcore wrote and planned for the next E.P. along with original member David Rushing and new Bassist Brad Lovelace and after several months of writing and fine tuning, the band released a 5 song E.P. titled “The Peace of War”, featuring songs written about the experiences of David and his time in service. Guitarist Virus (DOPE, Device) contributed a solo to the song “Sanity Ends” to add some icing to the cake. Ironcore Resistance is now a trio of like minded musicians that have come together to bring emotion and feeling back to Rock/Metal music that is currently filled with an ocean of processed sound and mediocrity. They crank up and hammer out everything with the drive and power that can only be had when you’re jacked up on Redbull flying down the side of a mountain in a tank headed for the battlefield. The band signed with Pavement Entertainment in late 2017 and is currently putting the finishing touches on their new release which will be available worldwide in 2018!