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      Dirtbag Press Artist Interview Request

      The DIRTBAG PRESS CORPS are Dirtbag Endorsed Press Outlets such as podcasts, live streams, radio, and magazines. They work directly with us to provide entertaining, educative, and impactful content to the industry. The primary mission of this program is to connect musicians and artists with the press.

      This form is to provide initial information about the Dirtbag Artist to the Dirtbag Press Corps for review and pre production. There is no guarantee of an interview -- because we get more requests than there is time in the day.

      Interviews are selected based on quality, professionalism, and creativity. An artist can expect the interview to be written, by phone, or using video. The format is based on the specific Dirtbag Press Outlet's platform and will be discussed prior to the interview.

      ** If you are not notified in 72 hours, your material did not get selected. Please wait 1 week and resubmit **

      If selected:

      1. You will receive an email from the press outlet within 72 hours to schedule your interview. They will let you know what type of interview it will be and a proposed interview date and time. You will be required to submit your EPK / Press Release at this time.

      2. If a Dirtbag Artist needs to reschedule your interview, please reach out to the Dirtbag Press Outlet immediately. Each artist can have up to 1 reschedule. If they miss it a second time, the Dirtbag Artist will have to resubmit this form and head to the back of the line.

      3. If an artist misses an interview, rescheduling will be at the discretion of the Dirtbag Press Outlet. Dirtbag does not condone reschedules. You missed YOUR interview, brah?!?

      4. Once an interview is schedule, the date must be kept as best possible. There are a lot of moving parts to making this process easy and effective for everyone.

      Dirtbag Top 3 tips for a better quality interview:

      1. Pre-produce the interview - schedule a good time, date, and / or location for the interview. Ensure it is in a quiet location with minimal distractions. Discuss the purpose of the interview with both parties ahead of time.

      2. Be on time - DON'T miss the interview appointment. We know it happens, but it is the quickest way to burn bridges and waste everyone's time. Teamwork is key.

      3. Have fun!


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