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      Rick Adamatti - Inkrick Tattoo

      RICK ADAMATTI of Bay Ink Tattoo in our hometown of San Diego, CA Originally from Brazil, Rick Adamatti, or simply, Inkrick has found in sunny San Diego, CA his heart and home for over twelve years- living and enjoying life doing what he knows best. For even longer, Rick has been in the tattoo industry, delivering to his clients real pieces of art. Although specialized in Custom Black and Grey realism and Cover-Ups, Inkrick loves when clients ask for color palettes and other styles too- in his opinion, they “make for a very important artistic eclecticism”. Rick Adamatti is a devoted husband and father- a straight-up, no attitude and no BS person who wants his clients to leave with a mile-long smile and an unshakable desire to get another tattoo. Rick’s mantra is - “Because your skin comes FIRST!”


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