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      From Class Clown to The Morning Woodz Show. Honestly I think I always knew I wanted to be in radio. When I first heard my name announced on the radio. Thank you Uncle Mike for wishing me a happy 10th birthday, from the state of the art studio’s of KTGO in Tioga North Dakota. Yup that’s right North Dakota, Not only do we have radio we had it way back then too. HAHA I am old. Music moves me, from singing old country tunes with grandfather on the family farm. To the first time I saw Slipknot, Music has always had a hand in shaping my day to day life. In high school, I was amazed to learn that a teacher can have a huge impact on you. Thank you Mrs. Jarolimek (Midway HS English Teacher), she was one teacher that never found it in her heart to give-up on me. She always knew I would end up talking for a living. It could have been because I never shut up in class. I was also that guy that made mix tapes in my bedroom, ha-ha Insert creepy 80’s montage here. Now fast forward to hanging out with radio DJ’s in Fargo ND. While not doing well in college, way too many rock concerts and late night keg parties. I found my way to the airwaves. Thankfully many years later I was in the right place to become the Program Dir of a Rock Station with an amazing history. Fast forward two more years and I am lucky enough to have a station. That is pushing Active Rock to the next generation of young rockers. And Old Rockers that are a lot like me. STARadio and Q106 KQDI have an amazing staff of people that believe in our community and how we can continue pushing radio towards the future. I am so honored to be a part of Radio Contraband and to be an Under The Radar Station. I have to say without my wife Susan, and boys. (Scott, Ethan, Hunter, and Carsyn) None of My Dreams would be coming true. So Thank you and I love you all. See even in my head I can never shut up. I guess I will wrap this up with one final thought. I am honored to be doing what I am doing and I love it more than anyone will ever know. I walk into a small studio, at a station that not many people have ever heard of, and help prove to the world. THAT ROCK MUSIC IS BACK. AND IF YOU CAN’T HANG WITH US IN THE PIT. THEN DON’T LET THE DOOR HIT YOU IN THE ASS ON THE WAY OUT OF THE SHOW!! Peace, Love, And Naked Sex I’m Out! ! (I would drop the mic but it’s attached to the boom)