Crashed Out

Having honed their stunning sound, this masterful quartet have nailed their in-yer-face yet melodic punk rock that will grab you by the throat, slap you on the cheek and give a cheeky grin. With their very infectiously energetic and powerful live show, these heavily tattooed North Eastern lads are the real deal. The amazing journey of Crashed Out dates back to 1995. As 15 and 16 year old kids, they quickly went from punk covers to unleashing their declaration of intent with their debut self-released album 'This Is Our Music' And their aptly titled second album 'Here Now & Real' was self released in '98. With the addition of Decca Wade (ex Angelic Upstarts) on drums, the band developed a fresh sound that combined the urgency of punk rock with the musicianship and full-on force of rock, drawing on influences such as AC/DC, Rancid, Motorhead and The Dickies. With the turn of the century, Crashed Out began touring extensively through the UK and Europe, releasing their 'best of' album 'Working Class Aggression' that included tracks from their first three albums as well as unreleased tracks- released on Germany's DSS Records in 2003. The same year they made a video for future live favorite, 'The Jarrow Song'. 2005 was a breakthrough year for Crashed Out, with the critically acclaimed fourth album 'Pearls Before Swine' hitting stores through the highly respected Captain Oi! Records. The four-piece toured their raucous anthems all over the UK and Europe in 2006, and even headed over the Atlantic with an extensive US West Coast tour. Impressing American crowds, US label SOS Records released their 'The One And Only' album in 2007. With banter-loving founding frontman and Viking Tattoo Studio owner Chris Wright, fellow tattooist, brother and axeman ace Lee Wright, Mr Johnnie Halling delivering new energy and enthusiasm as well as solid drumming, and thundering bass powerhouse Geordie Brown, Crashed Out are now an unstoppable and focused punk 'n' roll force, proven by their first live album 'Fast Loose 'n' Live', released in 2008. Having toured and played alongside punk legends such as Rancid, The Adicts, The Undertones, The Misfits, The Damned, The Dead Kennedys, Stiff Little Fingers, The Levellers and many more, the band's rousing live reputation is 'hard earned' and has to be witnessed at one of their many upcoming shows. 2009 saw Crashed Out release a split vinyl single with Spain's Secret Army, and in Sept 2012 the band release their fifth album ‘Crash & Burn’ on Germany's Randale Records. then again on Randale in 2013 Crashed Out and punk legends Angelic Upstarts released a split album called ‘The Dirty Dozen’. The band continue to tour the world with their unique brand of punk rock so Raise ya glasses, shout out "cheeeaaaz" and sing along loud and proud, with a punk rock attitude and hard rock sound - Crashed Out putting the Rock in Punkrock!!!!