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Another Day's Armor

ANOTHER DAY'S ARMOR is a Rock / Alternative Metal band from New York. Combining the huge, mainstream sound of arena rock with borderline metal instrumental work, the band started to create a buzz for themselves with their debut EP “Phoenix” in 2019.

Coming up in a time where very few bands put any emphasis into their image and persona, ADA pride themselves on standing out from the crowd both visually, and musically. With an image reminiscent of a time where rock was on top of the music world, ANOTHER DAY'S ARMOR refuses to be just another “faceless” band, wanting their fans to feel connected to every member: Daemien Drake – Vocals, Nick Palma – Lead Guitar, Brian Kang – Rhythm Guitar, Joey London – Bass, and Alec Keshishian – Drums.


ANOTHER DAY'S ARMOR aren’t just a band, they are a movement for the future of rock.

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