Amerakin Overdose

Out of the womb of Portland, Oregon emerges Amerakin Overdose, a hard hitting, groove oriented Shock Rock band with attitude and flare. A blend of modern pop vocal melodies, heavy keyboard integration and the aggression and emotive nuances of the biggest bands of yesteryear. Unleashed upon Western Civilization in 2010, Amerakin Overdose played show after show, growing their fan base like a government created contagion with the release of their Self-Titled debut CD. Relentless work ethic and plague-like social media tactics have allowed Amerakin Overdose to tackle several tours, including a very successful tour with Mushroomhead at the end of 2015. This is due in no small part to repeated and consistent sales and performances opening for a long list of national acts, and an extensive line of Amerakin Overdose themed merchandise. Amerakin Overdose is the brainchild of Cody Perez, the band’s vocalist. He works closely with The Human to write and record at Human Studios. After the majority of the writing is done, they bring in Brick on drums, and Pete “Filth” Perez as secondary vocalist. This culminates in an intense experience both audibly and visually. The music is a representation of our current corporate fueled world, where greed and power is the coin of the realm, and social media the landscape in which we tell our own stories. With an ear to the ground towards modern trends and topics and a desire to continue expanding and growing as a band, Amerakin Overdose’s future plans are to continue to create, explore, and to use their message to get new fans to “Open your mind, see whats inside.” In today’s frenzy of selfies and dog ear photos, Amerakin Overdose chooses to be socially observant, blunt, and willing to put a face to the growing dissatisfaction modern music lovers have for cookie cutter songs.