FLAW gets a new van, courtesy of Colbert

FLAW gets a new van, courtesy of Colbert

When GoFundMe fails, a late night talk show host steps up.

In May 2017, long time Dirtbag Artists, FLAW created a GoFundMe campaign to fund their new tour van. After several months of slow growth, the page randomly got a nod from the writers of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Stephen used the band’s GoFundMe campaign to critique a public opinion that Donald Trump’s border wall be funded via crowdsourcing. He also gave specific details of the band’s next show, at Spicoli’s in Waterloo, Iowa, for a little extra exposure. Weeks after the joke aired, the campaign still had not reached its goal, so Stephen made yet another mention of FLAW’s GoFundMe campaign on the air. The result was the same.

Finally, 14 months after the launch of the campaign, Stephen Colbert decided he would just buy the van for FLAW, and present it to them on his show. The band then performed their new single, “Conquer This Climb”, available everywhere music is sold. (VIDEO BELOW)

Catch FLAW at Spicoli’s in Waterloo, Iowa on Saturday, September 1st, 2018.


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