Dark Agenda

Dark Agenda

Dark Agenda was formed in 2015. One day Jesse Albaugh (Lead Guitar) approached Joshua Ludley (Vocals) and asked if Joshua could give him vocal lessons. Jesse had heard Joshua sing some cover songs in the past. Joshua told Jesse “I wouldn’t know the first thing about giving vocal lessons, but I’ll give singin a go.”

At the time Jesse was jamming with his brother in law Anthony Townsend on drums. Undecided on band names Joshua, Anthony and Jesse started jamming together. However due to a working a lot of hours and inability to do shows. Joshua and Jesse both just started getting together and writing acoustic songs and electric riffs with lyrics.

Living only a block away Jesse and Joshua began writing more and more music. Through many trials and errors, Dark Agenda started to take shape. In the summer of 2018 Robert Dains asked Jesse about getting together and jamming. At this time Robert Dains (Drummer) formely of Alpha Beast, Sinistir Mind & Dueling at Dawn joined the band. Eddie Coyle (Rhythm Guitar) formerly of Alpha Beast, Sinistir Mind and Drudgement caught word that Robert had joined and Eddie joined shortly after. Life long friends/brothers became united and Dark Agenda was nearly complete.

There is a long history of music and life’s milestones together between Jesse, Eddie and Bob in there former band Sinister Mind. Joshua knew Jesse and Eddie growing up with previous bands. The bond soon formed the brotherhood they have today. In 2019 Dan Bieber (no relation) brought his bass skills and passion to the band. Dan has been a very fast learner and an all around killer musician to work with.

With the circle being complete Dark Agenda is bringing their own style of Groovy, Thrash Metal mixed with some haunting melodic vocals and sound. From this point, Dark Agenda broke onto the Iowa Metal music scene opening for International acts Helion Prime, Striker, and Unleash the Archers. Also releasing their first single Vampire and Genesis.

They are on a mission to make raw, catchy, energetic metal music that metal fans and musicians can appreciate.

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