DIRTBAG JOHN recalls that time DIMEBAG DARRELL drank him under the table

DIMEBAG DARRELL - Getcha' Pull - Dirtbag Clothing
Must have been early 2004 and DAMAGEPLAN was making their way through San Francisco-- naturally, the San Francisco DIRTBAG team was there for the show in full force. I warned them all Dimebag is a PRO and you’ll never be able to keep up….  the homie DW did not heed the warning and 3 days later was still at home nursing the mother of all hangovers.. legend has it that he's still hung over.
I would add more to this story but no one can remember much about the night except is was EPIC..  we did get this iconic picture which we cherish to this this day!   
So raise your BLACK TOOTH (Crown Royal w/ splash of Diet Coke as Dime told me patting his belly) GETCHA PULL!
Dirtbag John
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