Bound By Years video release, show announcement

Bound By Years video release, show announcement

Dirtbag Endorsed Artists BOUND BY YEARS have recently released a new music video for their single “Hopeless”. The track is awesome, and you may see a Dirtbag shirt (or 3 or 4) in the video. The release came just in time for the upcoming (mini) tour with MURKOCET.

Check out the dates below:


Bound by Years is an American metal band from Lakewood, Colorado. All humble, enthusiastic, seasoned and passionate musicians with many years of recording and stage experience. Bound’s sound is a unique mix, somewhere between Chimaira and Killswitch Engage with other influences such as Slipknot, Pantera, HellYeah, and Lamb of God. The band has had the opportunity to be the opening acts for Soulfly, Nile, Hemlock, Motograter, Hed PE, Davey Suicide, Rest Repose, Media Solution, Veer Union and soon will be opening for Light the Torch. Bound by Years recently released their new EP titled “Into the Nature of Things”.  As the band shares their new sound locally and regionally, they continue producing music to enhance their catalog for upcoming performances.



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