Dirtbag Artist Endorsement FAQ

Does Dirtbag Clothing sponsor artists?

Yes! For nearly 25 years, Dirtbag Clothing has been supporting artists all over the globe. Musicians, tattoo artists, athletes, comedians, and entertainers alike.

Where do I go to apply for sponsorship? Sponsorship link: 

What is your process to get approved and are there any requirements?

After you apply, the Board of Dirtbags will be notified. Your information and internet sites will be reviewed, and if deemed worthy, you’ll be approved.

If I were you, I’d review your website and social media pages to ensure that it is presentable prior to submitting.

Is there anything that will automatically get me disapproved or my sponsorship revoked?

  1. If the board of Dirtbags sees anything derogatory, racist, sexist, hatred or just plain unprofessional on your sites, in your feeds, or on your pages you will be disapproved.
  1. If your inability to make a professional site or page inhibits a board member from easily reviewing your presence; you will be disapproved. If it takes more than 3 mouse clicks to listen to a band’s music for example, you are automatically disapproved. Let’s face it… If you are making it hard for us to listen to your music, that means you’ve made it hard for your fans. You aren’t ready for sponsorship.

We just received news that our sponsorship request is approved. What can we do?

Dirtbag Clothing like thousands of other companies uses software to manage our customer service. Where we differ for many companies in the entertainment industry is that when you reach out via email or social sites we have real people with answers to your questions.

Top 10 things you can do after being approved for sponsorship.

  1. Log in to the email account that you signed up for sponsorship with and create a new contact for Dirtbag Clothing in the contacts section. Information to enter is below.

Dirtbag Clothing A&R

2180 Chablis Ct. #109

Escondido, CA 92029



      2. After you are notified of being an approved artist you will receive some introductory emails with videos, links and an additional form to follow out for the remaining members in your group. Please follow the instructions and submit the information requested. You will be helping us help you.

      3. Watch the Dirtbag “Now What” video

      4. Log in to your artist account on the Dirtbag homepage. Your log-in is your email that you applied for sponsorship with and the default password is DBC333!

      5. Watch the Dirtbag Affiliate Program sign up video and register to start making money.

      6. Watch the Dirtbag Underground Spotify playlist video.

1. Follow the Dirtbag Underground playlist

2. Copy the URL code of the player into your homepage

3. Copy the playlist link and post it on your social media pages

      7. Like, follow, and subscribe to all Dirtbag Clothing social media pages.

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Instagram
  4. Youtube

      8. Make an announcement and tag Dirtbag Clothing in your post on all of your social media sites! We love sharing the good news!


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