Dirtbag Clothing has afforded me the great opportunity to meet some spectacular musicians. Shawn Drover happens to be just one of those spectacular people.
A few weeks ago Shawn calls me to say they are going to South America for some gigs and all his Dirtbag swag was in the “A-Rig” and they were taking the “B-Rig” and he asked if I could send an emergency shirt his way to rock South America…. HELL YEAH I said! I then asked if he would be my guinea pig for my “Micro Feature” I wanted to do for the new site and he said sure thing!

Five questions short and sweet. I hope you guys like it.

DBC: What are the differences from your studio kit vs. touring kit? And as a part 2 to that, what advice would you have for a drummer that just can’t take his entire kit on the road with him? (Advice on how to “edit” a drum kit?)
SD: My studio kit is actually 1 of my touring rigs, as I have an A,B and C rig for each World tour we do. At the end of a World tour all 3 kits are in our recording studio, so its quite easy to have 1 of them set up for recording. As for advice on a drummer who can’t take his entire kit on the road-Get in a band where you CAN take your entire rig on the road!!!!!! 😉

DBC: What’s the pre-show routine when it comes to your drum kit?
SD: Honestly, I don’t have any set pre-show warm-up, etc. before going onstage-We usually play 3-4 songs on our backstage rig before the show, so that along with some stretching and drinking lots of water is enough for me to be prepared for a show.


DBC: Back up item(s) every drummer must have for a live gig?
SD: Extra sticks, bass drum pedals and drum heads are important to have plenty of on the road, as they will all break at 1 time or another, so be prepared and have lots of extra in case something does break.
DBC: Endorsements – every drummer wants to be endorsed and you know it’s not that easy. So what do you feel are the proper steps to take in reaching out to a company looking for those endorsements?
SD: Endorsements are easier to get once you’re in an established band, as most of them want you to play and showcase their product in a live setting and in the studio-Some musicians are purists though and feel no need to be endorsed by a certain musical company, which is commendable, certainly. Everything that I am endorsed by I would use anyways and in most cases have used for years.

DBC: You’ve had a tremendously successful career that is still growing. So this is the proverbial knowing what I know now, back in the day I would have done __________________ (this) differently. Second question- Knowing what I know now, I wish I had this advice when I first started out in music??
SD: I am not sure how differently I would do anything to be where I was at this point of my life. Of course, I could always say “I wish i was successful at a younger age, but then who is to say I would still be doing this at my age if I was successful 20 years ago?? I just keep doing what I’m doing and am thankful I have been releasing records since 1996.



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