Dirtbag Endorsed Artists create their own whiskey

Dirtbag Endorsed Artists create their own whiskey

13 NAILS is the “prime time rock band extravaganza” of Fort Collins, Colorado, who sprinkle a b-movie vibe over their heavy metal, hardcore horror punk sound. Having headlined tours, and opened for worldwide acts like John 5 & The Creatures, Mushroomhead, Dope, THC, Pop Evil and many many others, the band brings a big show to every stage. 13 Nails recently partnered with a local Fort Collins distillery to create their own blend and brand of whiskey. 13 Nails’ frontman Johnny Lambert gave us the low down:

From the original idea to the final product, explain how your band created their own whiskey…

At first it was just a T-shirt design we had that was selling really well, and then as we grew as a band, I started to email sponsors. I happened across Feisty Spirits as a local company, and we sat and discussed the idea of a Halloween/Fall flavor release. That was 3 years ago, and now here we are with it growing!

Why whiskey, and not gin, rum, or beer?

We are all fans of whiskey, lol. We would like to venture out some day with a line of spirits…. What band wouldn’t?

What is the significance behind the name, “Grave Digger”?

Grave Digger came from one of the first songs we wrote as a band. We have also used it slightly for a bit of a mascot theme.

Can you describe the flavor, and some of the ingredients?

It has a standard whiskey base with spices added in, with fresh apples to create the flavor.

How can we get our hands on a bottle?

Right now, select Fort Collins and Loveland, CO stores carry it along with the distillery/tasting room itself. Feisty Spirits and 13 Nails would love to see it go national! With it being a local distillery, we are using a portion of each bottle to help fund the Easter Seals of Loveland, CO music department. It would be nice to one day have it grow to the point where we can help Easter Seals all over the country.

If it goes well, do you foresee making other spirits in the future?

If this one keeps going the way it does, it would be nice to have a full line of 13 Nails collab spirits.

If you are in the Fort Collins/Loveland, Colorado area this Halloween season- try to get your hands on this rare regional select spirit! Also, CLICK HERE to hear the music that inspired it!

Check out 13 NAILS on the web

Check out Feisty Spirits


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